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TSH and NDP had to come of it due to AF

Sadly my three year experiment with NDP has come to an end. I was on a dose of 50 ug of NHS T4 and 1/2 grain of ERFA.

I also took Pregnenolone and found that my blood pressure went sky high, all back to normal now.

Other than feeling like my ears had water in them, I felt resonably well. That is until last week I felt very short of breath and an ECG showed an irrgeualr heart beat. AF.

I have had a surpressed TSH for years and I was once informed that it may never recover but my cardiolgist wants a normal TSH before I he will do anything.

I notice now that the NHS only look at TSH and FREE T4 in the blood test and my Free T4 is well with in limits any ideas how to gt my TSH back on track.

I also have been advised that when taking NDP you will never have a normal TSH.

Any ideas.

John C

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The idea that NDT inevitably leads to suppressed TSH is wrong. The reality is that the kind of patient that requires NDT may need so much that TSH is suppressed, but it is not inevitable. I would guess that for you over the years, your unmeasured FT3 was too high for you and that your body tried its best not to show symptoms but eventually had to do so. After all this time, with suppressed TSH, your body has adjusted semipermanently to the new conditions and it will be a while if indeed it ever comes about for TSH to rise again. This failure of TSH to rise after dose reduction is not a symptom of continuing over dosing, but merely a hangover from when you might have been overdosed.


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