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Unsure and not well again

Hi I got bloods done last week got a voice mail to say phones were down at surgery but my thyroxine dose had been changed . I was wanting to get an app to review results as it's the only way I can get print out . Anyway got someone to pick up script for me and it has been decreased from 100 to 75 . I was feeling ok on the 100 so haven't decreased as I don't want to feel the way I was feeling with weakness etc . I have a cold at the minute and am fighting a tooth abcess I have been feeling v uneasy and got quite down today like I have lots to do and just want to do it but can't seem to concentrate which is frustrating me . Wua this be because of my high Tsh or am I better to reduce until appointment in order to feel better . Had my last b12 shot last week and won't get another for 3 months so worried about that also . I don't want to come here and keep complaining I just want to be well .

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You're not complaining just unwell and concerned . You have quite a lot to deal with at the moment. What is your diagnosis? If you have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis then every time you have a cold or any infection and your antibodies increase to fight it your Thyroid gland will also receive increased 'attack'.

Ideally you need to obtain all your recent blood test results and the normal ranges in brackets. Only then will you know for sure what your TSH is.

BUT for now you will need to clear up your tooth abcess as quickly as possible.

What you can do now: Brush teeth with bicarbonate of soda. Make warm salt-water mouthwash. Take as hot as you can bear and hold solution mouth over the abcess until the heat has gone from the water then spit out. Repeat several times. You may wish to take paracetamol first. If you are also taking ibuprofen make sure you eat something after taking the paracetamol and before the ibuprofen.

If your abcess doesn't clear up with warm salt-water mouthwash then you will need to see dentist in case you need antibiotics and/or dental treatment.

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If you have an abcess, you always need to see the dentist, even if it appears to clear up. The infection in the tooth which leads to the abcess has to be taken out and the root filled. I have had several root fillings for absesses, but just leaving them can lead to all sorts of problems like strokes and poisoning. The roots are not filled with amalgum.... Mine are filled with a rubber solution.

You probably have low tsh, which is why the doctor has reduced your meds. There is no correlation between low tsh and osteoporosis or heart problems, which is what your doctor will try to tell you. He has reduced your meds, which will probably make you feel awful, for your own good..... 🙄 Personally i would opt for a short, but happy life rather that a long miserable one filled with illness! Here is a paper you can show him when you tell him you are not prepared to accept a dose reduction. for no good reason!



I don't think your complaining!

Your TSH needs to be under 1 to feel well but your Drs won't know that!! Make an appointment to get results. Stick with 100 until you have seen results. Post on here so others can advise too.

Have you had a full thyroid panel done with Vit D, Folate, Ferritin, b12?

Thyroid antibodies?

Vitamin c too while you are fighting colds and infection

Avoid caffeine - Caffeine elevates blood sugar levels and has (some) effect on glucose metabolism, endocrine glands and the liver. This is not what your body needs when it has tooth pain or a tooth infection.


If I found myself in your situation, I would continue on the dose that makes me feel well. I would also make an appointment with the doctor to tell him that I will not drop the dose, I would also get the test results to see what is happening.

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