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0.01 TSH on cancer patient

I am using ThyroGold 300 / day. B12 / B complex, curcumin, probiotics, folate, Am treating myself.

But my oncologist surprised me when he ordered the TSH lab. He knows I am Hashimoto's and there is a cancer lymph node at the base of my thyroid / vocal cords.

It's hard to tell how I feel when on breast cancer drugs, but my brain isn't too bad.

BP is running somewhat low, but I am a cancer patient and am large person.

Temp is 97.5 in morning. 98.4 highest in day.

No palpitations.

Have read this could be hypo pituitary OR hyperthyroid. But not likely hyperthyroid since there are no heart issues right now. I have had too much thyroid med a few times and know how that feels.

Also read it could be the 0.01 on Hashimoto's is good since the antibodies stop attacking the thyroid..... because why? I forget now.

Does anyone have an opinion?

Note: The endo I chose and waited 4 months to see had her receptionist call and cancel me since she decided to quit practicing. Ugh! And no referral. So I am really on my own.

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Your TSH is suppressed because of the ThyroGold dose you are taking. If you reduce dose TSH will rise. Perhaps you could order FT4 and FT3 in addition to TSH. If FT4 and FT3 remain within range you are not over medicated.

Suppressed TSH means there is little stimulation of the thyroid gland which often reduces the frequency and intensity of Hashimoto's flares.

Is established yet whether the cancer of the lymph node is breast cancer or thyroid cancer?


I don't think the oncologist intends to explore that as long as the cancer is all responding to the Xeloda. It did to the Ibrance but only for three months, then nada and flared again.

I am asking my GP to test FT4 and FT3 but will not see her for two months.

Thank you for the response.


No point doing TSH really without FT4 and FT3 especailly if you are on meds that affect your whole system (eg chemo). Temperature looks normal. Thyrogold is much the same as taking NDT, so you can't tell anything without a free T3 test. You are very unlikely to be hyper (if you feel overmedicated, just cut down on the Thyrogold).


I know, I always want the full panel and my first endo always ran complete labs. The oncologist really surprised me by checking. I hope the T3 T4 tests show all is well.


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