TSH 0.01 - what now?

Hi, my doc did a TSH test because of pain and weight gain, it is 0.01. I don't know much about thyroid, but have questions. What does this mean and what do I do now?

I have an appointment for an ultrasound tomorrow and more blood work, thyroid panel and thyroid antibody panel. I've looked online and don't have the main symptoms of hyperthyroid. I don't I would what to do or think. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Misscshell, .01 is as low as TSH can be measured. This means that your pituitary gland is not putting out thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH) because it senses you have enough thyroid hormone. But this mechanism itself can be defective if something is wrong with the pituitary. I'm only saying that because you don't have typical hyperthyroid symptoms. You need more investigation because this can be complicated. Your adrenals also have an impact on energy levels. This is a site map from STTM. Scroll down to thyroid nodules and possibly the Graves article. Very good information for you.


  • Thank you so much for your response and information. I read the links about nodules and graves. This is all new to me. I've had a very complicated couple years with my health, four emergency abdominal surgeries, seven month intestinal infection, severe benzodiazepine withdrawal, and now this. From what I've read it seems I have more hypo symptoms, pain, weight gain, sweating, fatigue, etc. So I'm very confused.

    When you say needs more investigation, are the ultrasound and thyroid panels and antibodies good or is there something else I should do? Also, what should I do in the mean time, between now and when the test results are in? Could my recent health history or medications I'm taking affect my TSH levels? My Uncle had thyroid issues, is it genetic?

    Thank you again, I greatly appreciate the help.

  • You have had a lot of stress to your body with all the medical problems you've had so this is not shocking as your hormones have been greatly affected. Your adrenals try to control stress and if overwhelmed will shut down thyroid hormone. Any medications you've taken also interfere with the natural inclination of the body to heal itself. Medications can block thyroid hormone.

    Some problems with thyroid actually are not within the gland itself. In fact it reacts very intelligently so investigating the real cause is important. Yes, the ultrasound may show nodules which may be producing excess hormone. Antibodies will also reveal a lot. Short videos on You Tube explain 24 different reasons for low thyroid. You can look more of them up. There may be some genetic connection but I think it's rare when it runs in the entire family.

  • Thank you!! So much! Your reply was very helpful. YouTube has a lot of videos so I've been on there for a while. I'm sure I'll be back once I get my test results. Thanks again!

  • Hi. I'm not very clued up about all this but I just wanted to let you know I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism when I went to the drs including weight gain and fatigue but actualy I was diagnosed with graves disease. Funny things these thyroids 😊

  • Thank you for sharing! That is very interesting! I've had a very emotional day, hopefully it'll be better once all the test results are in, but having people to talk to that understand, have similar stories, and can answer questions is very, very helpful!!

  • Hope you get some answers soon x This forum is really good and the people are very helpful. I'm in year 3 of my graves journey and I still know so little about it but you can get lots of answers on here 😊

  • You may find this informative.


  • Thank you.

  • Did your doctor test for free T4 and free T3? I would definitely request those ASAP, plus thyroid antibodies to get the full picture. Post your results and let the clever peeps on here comment

  • They ordered an ultrasound, thyroid panel, and thyroid antibodies panel. Not sure if those tests are in what's ordered

  • Can you phone your doctor and check what's in the thyroid panel?

    Check if they have ordered Free T4 and T3. Not just total T4.

    If they haven't ask them to order them! The labs keep your blood for 2 weeks in case of re-checks, and should be able to add a check if necessary.

  • Thank you for your reply. I did another post with a pic of what the panels include. I couldn't see a way to add it to this post. Also because they found nodules on the ultrasound.

  • Hi folks,, after a low radioactive iodine dose due to hashimoto disease,, , my TSH is 0.01, my T3 & T4 normal, my thyroid

    globuline is extremely high,, and apparently my thyroid is growing up again, since I have preassure on my neck and I have difficult breathing at night, also my eyes are blurry and sensible to the light,,, Please if you have any reference to this symptoms. after watching the helpul video of Dr. David Clark, I suspect I have again, hashimotos disease,,,

    My actual doctor prescribed me PTU saying that this can bring my TSH to normal level.

    Does anyone knows if the PTU can make my thyroid stop growing?,, today I feel more presure on my neck after taking 200 mg of PTU for two days,, I stopped it yesterday night.

    Thank you to everyone comenting on this.


  • Sorry to hear. This is a four month old post, so you'd have better luck getting responses if you posted a new thread.

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