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Eight weeks has gone since dropping dose to 50 mgs. Blood test next week to see situation. Feeling washed out aching back. Just brushed garden path today and made sandwich and I have had to sit down feeling wiped out. Hoping blood test will accurately show how I feel. Wish I had never dropped from 75mgs. Think doctor got frightened by 0.03 Tsh and 20.9 t4 and my t3 was in normal range 4. She said 4 was high end normal. Unless she meant t4 was high end normal.

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Not many ranges for FT3 would show 4 at the high end - most ranges end at between 6 and 7.8, so anything under 5 isn't much good. No need to reduce dose unless Ft3 and Ft4 are over range and I doubt yours were. I'd ask for the old dose to be reinstated.


Please remember to get your appointment first thing and fast with water only and don't take your levo till after the blood test.

Jo xx


Thanks Jo.

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