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Boost Iron levels with what?

Hello everyone, I am interested in knowing people's tried and tested iron supplements. I have low ferritin. I haven't had a test recently but it is always at the bottom of the range but within range so they won't prescribe. I take Spatone but not sure how many sachets? I struggle with Ferrous Fumerate and it causes lots of stomach ache and nausea. Thanks in advance everyone!

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If you are on a phone SCROLL DOWN AND DOWN until you come to RELATED POSTS. Hopefully lots if suggestions for you 😊


Auntbessy I couldn't tolerate iron supplements, not Gentle Iron, nor even 5mg Ferritin supplement. I started to eat liver once a week (120-140g) and that has raised my level.


I use the Spatone,, and the dose is 1 sachet per day,,,never over do medications,,and the side effects are constipation,,which is terrible,,,,ttfn from karen.


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