T3 - latest bloods?

TSH suppressed

FT4 below range

FT3 7.8 (3.5-6.5)

Struggled getting full results over the phone with my gp's receptionist but I started T3 in January.

I'm on 18.75mcg T3 and 50mcg Levo.

Overall I don't have any hyper symptoms but I'm also contending with a recent diagnosis of SLE and a weak positive for myosotis so a lot of symptoms overlap with hypothyroidism. I'm on drugs now for Lupus hydroxychloroquine and gabapentin.

Should I lower my T3 to 12.5mcg half a pill?

My GP hasn't questioned it as they've noted I'm under the hospital although tbh I've not seen my Endo which I should of as he requested as I've been so busy with Rheumy appts. So I've just been controlling my dose and increasing it every 4 weeks following my blood test. I took T3 12 hours before my test and levo 24 and fasted. I only took a gabapentin before blood test to leave a 2 hour gap to take my thyroid meds after the test.

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MissFG As you're on a Levo/T3 combination, my opinion is that you should lower your T3 as you suggest and it wouldn't hurt to increase your Levo to get your FT4 back in range.

Yes I'm on 50mcg levo and 18.75 T3?

If I increase my levo won't that increase my T3 slightly even if I lower it to 12.5?

Yes, it might do, depends on how well you convert. My thinking is that if you are taking some T4 then it ought to be showing in your test results and you say your FT4 is under range. Don't forget I'm not medically trained, these are just my thoughts based on my own experience of combining Levo and T3.

It's all a case of trial and error, tweaking doses to see where we are feeling best. It's frustrating, long winded, and you can end up feeling cr@p while you're trying to find the right combination.

Do I need to worry about my FT4? Should I not just focus on FT3 and just lower my T3 to 12.5? Does levo do anything? And yes I wasn't converting so lowered Levo and have slowly introduced T3

Btw I don't feel too bad with my thyroid I've not had thyroiditis but my throat still swells up like I've a lump stuck in my throat. Otherwise I'm just dealing with my lupus etc

Well, if you don't feel too bad you could just lower your T3 a bit and see how you feel. As I said, it's all trial and error.

Thanks I will

Did you allow 24 hours gap between your last dose of hormones and the blood test and taken them after the test?

Yes 24 for Levo 12 for T3

I have under active thyroid, can I ask what T3 is ?

T3 is the active hormone our healthy thyroid should produce.

If your thyroid is unhealthy i.e. Hypothyroidism then you would need to take T4 Levothyroxine for example and your body should convert this into T3. However some people including myself don't convert well or at all so we need to take a drug that gives us the T3 hormone.

Hope that helps that's the best way I can describe it with my limited knowledge as I've only been diagnosed 16 months

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