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The One Show

Did you see the cover given on the One Show for T3

I thought it was good, now sure if they made it clear about the extent of the price hike , but well presented otherwise .

Ended on a hopeful note, having got approved for intervention to examine the production of it. However,any inquiry by government , in my opinion has been very biased in favour of the big guys πŸ™πŸ™

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I just caught the end. If NDT is good enough for Mrs Clinton, it's also good enough for us and T3 as well.

The woman in the programme, I think she's had her T3 withdrawn altogether. I will see if I can catch-up on the repeat of the show.


Any coverage of T3 is good, hopefully it'll help us all x


I do not understand why legislation has to be changed in order to ensure that NHS is not being ripped off. Surely it is purchasing departments job to get the best deal and not be held over a barrel by one supplier.

We are still part of the EU so why the hell are they not buying supplies from the EU at much more reasonable prices. Truly the world of NHS has gone mad!


You'd think so, wouldn't you? But apparently, the NHS can't go shopping for some reason... Drug companies have to apply to become suppliers. Which is why only one company has the monopoly over T3... and the NHS continue to be ripped off and patients continue to have life-saving treatment withdrawn because of cost... You couldn't bloody well make it up, could you! 😑


I am rendered speechless: " the NHS can't go shopping" The world has gone mad!

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