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T3 Proposed Removal From Prescription

helvella LindaC ellj Shelley1954 Gcart scorp1o Skyebeardie SeasideSusie Kazzacrossley loueldhen DoubleM Hennerton Babette LAHs Teuchter

Above names in no particular order - And apologies if I've already named you in yesterdays post.

I have sent a message to the One Show - just a very potted history - and indicating massive benefit of T3 to me.

I was thinking that if everyone did this, before tomorrow nights show, whilst they wouldn't be able to air all, they might just mention that they have had a lot of interest/response to this topic?

Please pass this onto any other contacts you have.

If you think it is worth a try please do message. I just googled The One show and found 'contact'. Easily enough done.

Please also contact the Department of Health. Their statement on the internet -

'What we do

The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer. We lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care, and treatment they need. with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.'

I have filled the relevant form to contact them referring to the 'help people live better for longer' and providing the 'treatment they need.'

Again, the more of us who do the more notice may be taken

I also mentioned that there is an open consultation regarding GF foods, but not one for T3. I have asked how we go about having a consultation opened for the topic of T3.

Again, please ask. A few minutes of your time might just make the difference?


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Hypo101 Binkie ReallyFedUp Panda321 Pmb57 puncturedbicycle Londinium Glynisrose 1239 Doubleblank Rhsana fibrolinda

Again, names in no particular order...

Are you able to act on the above post - please.

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amasufindme Coachv Manz123

I'm adding names in the hope of some of you being able to act on this thread.


First of all - is the show TONIGHT, Thursday 27th April or Friday 28th?


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Sorry LindaC just got to your post...It was tonight hope you caught it.

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Thank you - yes I did. :-)


Ive contacted the One show by email and will send the Dept of Health too.

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