Fighting for T3 to remain on prescription and be more widely available

The following is from the Department of Health website.

'What we do

The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer. We lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.’

In relation to T3 -

Q - how is the removal of T3 helping 'people live better for longer'?

Q - how is the removal of T3 'making sure people have support, care and treatment they need'?

And as for 'with compassion, respect'!!!

I'm trying to find an email for the Chief Medical Officer - Dame Sally Davies, to contact.

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    Dame Sally told MPs: “I would like people to take their choice knowing the issues and do as I do when I reach for my glass of wine – think, ‘Do I want the glass of wine or do I want to raise my risk of breast cancer?’ - and I take a decision each time I have a glass.”

    What a dry bread xx

  • Gather there have been some controversial comments - never know, might work in our favour! Many thanks for that Rapunzel

  • Well, she might want directing to Dr Malcolm Kendrick's blog about stats on premature death and drinking ...

  • Never though of that Angel - maybe she drinks Prosecco ? :)

  • Maybe we can use that statement - let us have the choice of taking t3!

  • Again, whilst this banter is great for keeping spirits raised and giving us all smiles, and I thank you all for that, but we need to also focus on how we can use such statements and comments to further our cause.

    If everyone on here did two letters, one to MP one to DH it may highlight the bigger problem.

  • For Dame Sally :

  • Will try this one...thanks humanbean

  • Hope it works!

  • We can but live in hope!!

  • Well, that was rubbish! Tried email Rapunzel offered, unfortunately no longer used. Offered a standard form instead. So filled that in...will see if anything comes of it. Still NOT got reply from MP - considering emailed originally 1st April. Resent 11the April. Caught up with her 21st Apr. Was told they would chase it up and reply. Still Nothing!!!! How long did to take others to get replies?

  • Bet humanbean knows better - see post above yours :

    Sorry to be holding things up... ;)

  • No worries Rapunzel , will get there.

  • Hope it works - I notice the link it came from now seems to be suggesting I pay for the information!

  • DH trying to get money anyway they can perhaps! I suspect they have done everything they can to stop us getting through to them! I filled in the standard forma anyway - will try your link to resend other email too.

    going to post and name people - to get a message out for us all to contact The One show, before tomorrow night - they might at least mention that they have had a massive response to the show - ??

  • humanbean Rapunzel I'm hoping I now have an email through to SD...will see what/if get a response. Cheers guys.

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