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My MP asked for clinicians' names who support T3, to back up his support of the campaign

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Hello knowledgeable people! I've met my MP to discuss T3 being included on NHS consultation. He was immediately very interested and very supportive. He was shocked at the costs comparison table, and horrified that we're having to buy online from abroad. He said NHS is failing in its Duty of Care. He says he'll support as much as he can, saying "Right, what can I do to help?" I've given him loads of info, including research links. He thought the financial aspect is maybe easier to sort than persuading the medical 'experts' that T3 should be prescribed to some patients.

He'd like names of some 'clinicians' who will support the fact that T3 is safe, effective and necessary for some patients. And that if we need it, we should have it. Any ideas of who I could contact to ask if they'd be willing for him to have their names? I'm not sure if he'd actually contact them, but needs to know that they would vouch for this if necessary.

Any ideas would be extremely welcome. By private message if that is best... admins?

Thank you!

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This is from the British Thyroid Association and I don't think you could get a higher recommendation. They do know some people do need T3.


He can contact Lyn.Mynott, Chair of who has started a T3 Campagn - help fight this injustice.

A part of a post today:-

Hi I am new I have Hashimotos and I had my T3 stopped on NHS even though I felt better on it. Endo has asked GP for me to undergo psychological assessment. Diagnosed 2013 and symptoms are early morning constipation, aching in joints, dry skin, heavy periods, feeling cold, tiredness, weight gain, twitching in muscles. Taking 100mcg levo from 200mcg levo and 12.5mcg T3

Hello Dr Toft at Spire Murrayfield hospital in Edinburgh supports subscribing of T3. He has a special interest in this. Plus he is a former president of the British Thyroid Association

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TaraJR in reply to Coachv

Excellent idea, thank you. Would I have to ask his permission to send his name to my MP, do you think?

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Coachv in reply to TaraJR

Well I don't think so, if it is just as a general note that providing evidence of people who support T3, a you can find this information on the web. On the other hand it might be worth contacting him and asking if he would support the case specifically.

I wonder if it would be worth including this item from Pulse (written by a GP) and the supportive comment from other GPs to that piece?

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TaraJR in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Thanks for this. I'd already seen her brilliant article, and my MP has it with the comments underneath! I'm getting there...!

Dr Boardman, nuffield leamington spa, I think dr fink might be another... i will message you some details - you could get the dr list from thyroid uk - I think they're all T3 friendly

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TaraJR in reply to hellybaybee

Great, thank you! Would I have to ask their permission first do you think? I'm not sure if my MP will contact any or all of them, but wants to know there are 'professionals' out there who do say that T3 is safe, effective and necessary for some patients. Will be good to have their details!

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hellybaybee in reply to TaraJR

Maybe just as a courtesy. I wouldn't think that they would have a problem being contacted

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