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Thank you!!!!

Today I went to see a lovely private endo in Derby, via the good doctors list. Omg he listened!!! Thanks to the great advice from here I went in armed with what I needed. To be honest I didn't need much of it as he was brilliant, but I felt in control. Came away with a prescription for T3, (with the advice to use my contacts in Cyprus and get it filled there) a letter being sent to my doctor to advise her on how to treat me and what to keep an eye on, and great nutritional advice and what vitamins to take.

I feel so relieved.... i can't believe I didn't go and see him sooner.

Thank you again to everyone who replied to my rants and supported me. You gave me the courage to take the next step xxx

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Did you need a GP referral to see him? Such good news on here for a change. I hope you start to feel better.


Yes djr1 my doctor had to refer me. I just sent in a letter requesting a referral x


great news and just proves that the many good people that advise and run this valuable site have yet again come up trumps and actually helped someone and done ''what it says on the label'' .... just keep going with the knowledge and refer to more help and advice as and when you may need it .....alan

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