Hello it's been sometime since i posted there's been lots going on .thing is I feel as though I have a virus it's going around here but my neck is tender I don't have a sore throat but my necks sore around the thyroid area and it feels like I have a Adams I'm a woman 66years in May with hashimotos and I'm on 75mg of levothyroxin per day I'm wondering if that's neck also hurts a bit when I move it right back.I'm thinking i should try to see a doctor any advise appreciate thank you .

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I have lumpiness in my throat. I also have neck joint problems.

If this is a new symptom for you then I would see the doctor.

Have you ever had an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid? If not maybe you could ask GP to send you for the scan.

Thanks Mary yes its new I've been noticing my Adams Apple for a little while now seems silly but don't remember seeing it before a few months ago brain fog ? But the tenderness is new just these last few days I've never had a ultrasound or scan of my throat so think I will check with the doctors if I can get an appointment it's about 3 weeks wait here. Could it be a flare ?

As our antibodies increase to fight a virus or other infection it follows that the attack on our Thyroid is greater. But if you haven't experienced this before then I would see GP. I don't think you should have to wait three weeks for an appointment. If you are concerned about it can't you request a same day appointment?

If you can't get appointment ask for phone call back from Doctor. When I asked for my scan I got appointment through from radiology fairly quickly.

Sorry Mary for late reply no don't think I'd get a same day appointment it wouldn't be classed as urgent but will ask for phone appointment if can't get a face to face one ,thank you

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