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Rollercoasters and Thyroid/Adrenal


Bit of a weird question but if anyone had any thoughts that would be great.

I've been searching for a diagnosis for my mystery illness for years now. Struggling to get anywhere so been looking into my past to see if that can give me any clues. I remembered something that I think might shed some light on a big aspect of it.

When I was 16 through to 19 (I became ill at 20) I visited a theme park each of those 3 years. Every time I was at the theme park I became ill, but not in the usual way you might imagine after going on rollercoasters/theme park rides. It wasn't just a case of feeling sick or actually vomiting but I became ill in the exact same way I am now, but just in a much smaller and shorter lasting way.

So I would spend the morning on the rides/rollercoasters and then at between 12pm-1pm I would begin to feel really awful - massive weakness, fatigue, nausea, heart pounding, sweating and shaking. This would last all afternoon until 5pm when it would just disappear. Literally in the space of an hour it would be gone and I'd feel fine again. The first time it happened at the theme park when I was 16 I improved so much I went back on the rides again for a couple more hours! The next two times it happens (at age 17 and 18) it was more severe so I was forced to go home but it always improved after 5pm.

Anyway it just got me thinking that had I not gone to the theme park and on the rides those times then the incidents of feeling ill wouldn't have happened. Something about rollercoasters and rides was triggering my illness and making it come out in the way it is now constantly. I know they talk about these rollercoasters being high intensity and having large G-forces in some cases but it feels like it must be more than that. I'm convinced adrenaline and cortisol have to be involved in some way.

Anyhow, I know this is a bit of a random post but if anyone had any thoughts on what might have been going on or (a long shot) had experienced anything similar in regards to thyroid or adrenal issues it'd be great to hear.


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Hi Omron,

I can't see why a rollocoaster ride would affect thyroid levels in any way but I suppose it might cause an adrenal rush.

If you haven't had thyroid and adrenals tested in the last 12 months it might be worth asking for them to be checked. Ditto ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate.

I notice that your vitamin D was low 3 years ago but you were refused vitamin D injections. Vitamin D can be raised with D3 softgel capsules which are available over the counter without prescription.


Hi Clutter, thanks for the reply.

The whole rollercoaster thing doesn't seem like a thyroid problem, I agree. I've always thought it much more likely adrenaline/cortisol. My cortisol is, without fail, always high in blood tests so I wonder if it's something to do with that. It was already high and the rollercoasters just raised it even more so and then i felt awful? Who knows.

I've had both cortisol and thyroid tests done in the last 9 months. Cortisol was high, as it always is, thyroid all 'normal', although in fairness mine do always seem fine. TSH 1.1, FT4 17, FT3 4.8. No antibodies.

I have noticed that over the last 3 or 4 years my B12 and Ferritin have dropped A LOT. B12 used to be over 700 and is now 252 (range 180-900). Ferritin used to be 275 is now 34 (range 20-300)!! Folate still ok though at 13 (range 3-20)

I haven't had a chance to bring this up with my endo yet (seeing him in June) but I know those 2 having dropped and being so much lower could indicate thyroid problems. Combined with the Vit D being low and it looks somewhat ominous.

As for the Vit D I have had problems with it, and getting the right treatment. I bought some tablets but for some reason my body is super sensitive to taking any tablets, so i switched to a liquid form but it didn't like that! So I'm now on a spray. Fingers crossed I won't have any issues with it.

Thanks again for the reply.



This is just what happened to me, just my thoughts

Once or twice in my life I became 'ill'. In a way I only describe as a bit neurotic, I really believed I had a medical illness and then panic took it to great heights! It was after having a baby and not much said about post natal depression and i literally thought I had gone 'Mad' whatever that is? Think now it was overwhelm....... a bit hormones but big overwhelm being responsible for this tiny person on my own

Anyway common sense told me a year later that hang on, I'm still here and the doctors aren't worried, i e not died or anything, so I finally let the thought go and went for many years in ok happy zone

Since menopause, I have been back in worry mode so much and this morning was a bag of anxiety, I couldn't think clearly and was worked up inside, I then went to gym and fast walked half an hour, sat in sunshine outside mac Donald's and back to old self now!! ??????? Best I e felt in ages as the doctor wasn't at all worried about me, maybe I'm a bit woos call it what you like but the relief is huge

I'm just putting it down to a trick of the mind, the doc is not worried about my thyroid so I have decided to have a little faith and we will see how I go, and if I can get the tsh down naturally, which she said I could. I'm a great believer in natural ways as the body is interlinked for sure, if it gets too difficult il get back again into all this, but determined to keep up exercise regime as have gut instinct that for me it is tied up with adrenals and too much cortisol etc, and exercise balances me out (I'm a Libran and balance is fundamental to me ) I am not not saying this is right for all

Sorry if not much use, just room for thought, we are made of a whole thing and I'm addressing the whole system of me for now anyway as it feels ok to do this, if and when I'm in a state again il remember this email, I didn't have any of this when I used to jive regularly and felt peace of mind then my leg got sore, my life went really out of sync in many ways and I got the label of anxiety tagged on to me, I would say I was traumatised and overwhelmed mostly, just how I would be at the fu fair, I've made myself do heights to try and get me over it like the book. feel the fear and do it anyway, but it hasn't changed my opinion of heights one bit I feel ill when I look down from a height, so I now wonder why I traumatised my system further by making myself do it (I went paragliding !!! ). Lol Px


...follow gut instinct, is only advice I could think of, though adrenals are linked to pituatory and pituatory to thyroid, for sure

I'm Saddened to see young ones with the hypo label so young, it's a stressful world/workplace and the way we deal with stress varies from each person to person and the way their body shows up stress, E.g. Ulcer, skin problems, or worse, I'm told i b s is from stress, my son had a bout at age 27, (he now gyms walks and gone wheat free and nightshade family free, touch wood he's been good for 3 years so far so good x). Lifestyle change - he went for keniesiology testing also to determine where his intolerances and sensitivities were


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