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Thyroid results are back



I posted around 3 months ago as for a very long time (years) I have not been well at all.

I'm constantly exhausted doesn't matter how much sleep I get I'm always tired. I just generally feel very very ill every day.

I get pains and numbness in my wrists hands and legs.

A lot of the time I feel like iv been on something like I'm not really there very spaced out and wobbly/dizzy. Constant headaches and migraines and my head just feels 'fuzzy' if you get what I mean?

I had a blood test in June tsh was 6.41 which they said was high but they said my free t4 was normal I don't have the ranges but it was 11.5 if it helps?

Iv just got my most recent bloods back and my tsh has gone down to 3.67 now so they are saying it's normal now and they are not repeating the bloods?

It's fair enough if it is normal but why would it be high then go down like that also it doesn't explain why I feel the way I do daily.

Sorry if I sound stupid I don't know a lot about this so hoping someone who knows more can help me put my mind at rest?

Also in my bloods it came back that there's something going on in my liver which seems to have improved slightly from last time but they are repeating that test.

Thanks again


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Even without ranges, it sounds as though you are hypo.

1. Symptoms

2. Low T4

3. High TSH

TSH varies during the day - highest early in the morning, so it is quite possible to have one test over range and one within. Make sure your next test is as early as possible in the morning. Can you ask for a trial of levo?

How is your B12?

Hi thanks for replying

I made sure I got to the blood test place when it opened at half 7 am but both times actually got it done at around 8.20 am

I haven't had my b12 tested do you think I should go back and ask for that as well?

I haven't asked for a trial but I may well go and ask just to see if my symptoms improve


rosetrees in reply to cupoftea1

Politely ask for a trial of levo. (I was put on it after I totally lost it with the doctor - who put me on it to shut me up. I don't recommend that approach but it worked!)

Then ask the doctor to do these tests: Vit D, Vit B12, iron, folate and ferritin. It is common for one or more to be low in people with thyroid problems and all need to be well in range, not just bottom of the range.

cupoftea1 in reply to rosetrees

Thank you rosetrees I will ask for those x

Cupoftea, ask for your thyroid peroxidase antibodies to be tested to rule out or confirm autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which may cause your TSH to fluctuate.

cupoftea1 in reply to Clutter

Hi they tested antibodies and it came back as 1 which they said was fine.

I'm not sure how it should be because I don't know much about it so sorry if I'm not making sense x

Clutter in reply to cupoftea1

Cupoftea, 1 means you are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease. Not sure why your TSH fluctuated so much in that case.

cupoftea1 in reply to Clutter

Ok thank you it is strange there is definately something not quite right specially with how ill I feel on a daily basis like I said.

Iv felt this ill for around 9 years now ever since I had glandular fever at 16 iv never felt right.

Just wish they'd find the reason and help me to feel better.


Clutter in reply to cupoftea1

Cupoftea, Epstein-Barr virus is often the cause of glandular fever and can predispose you to higher risk of autoimmune disease. Ask your GP to test you for EBV and autoimmune antibodies

cupoftea1 in reply to Clutter

Thank you clutter I will check that out.

It's definately been since then and since then I have also had mumps and what the doctor said was chicken pox but I know it wasn't I think it was shingles as it was in clusters on my arms and chest and they didn't blister like chicken pox.

Iv never been right since then.

Fingers crossed I get some answers soon.

I'm so great full for all the help and advice I get on here so thank you xx

Did you have your bloods drawn at the same time of day? Always try to get the blood test for early in the morning. Different times could make a big difference to the results.

cupoftea1 in reply to Muffy

Hi muffy yes give or take 20 mins or so x

That's not the reason then for the difference, but the TSH is too high and looks like the FT4 at the bottom of the range. Is there another doctor in your practice that you can talk to?

cupoftea1 in reply to Muffy

Hi yes there are a couple more that I can talk to.

I will go back to the same one and ask if she will trial me on meds and also ask if they can test for the vitamin levels also then if I get no where I'll go to another doctor


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