Thyroid growing back after thyroidectomy

I was diagnosed with over active thyroid & graves disease back in 2007 when I was 17. Then in 2011 drs decided best course of action was a complete thyroidectomy. Recovery took a while & I was in and out of hospital due to various things after the surgery. All was fine until 2015 I found a lump in my throat/neck, after MRIs & blood tests Dr said my thyroid was growing back. Again dr decided best action was another op to remove it.

Has anyone been through this? Dr has said there are some higher risks due to scar tissue. I'm worried I'll go through all this just to have it regrow again in another couple of years.

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  • They could do alcohol ablation to kill the tissue, instead of removing. My endocrinologist say that is what he would do if tissue started to grow back. Only way to totally get rid of tissue is removal/RAI.

  • Please watch this video. Especially around 13 minutes, pay close attention. Keep your thyroid if you possibly can. It never was the thyroid's fault you acquired Grave's. I too have Grave's and had my thyroid removed. I had no idea the options I could have had. You are getting that chance! Get educated and look at all your options. My very best to you.

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