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Feeling worse after partial thyroidectomy


I finally had the right side of my thyroid removed 10 days ago after an indeterminate FNB on a large nodule. The surgery went well and I was home after one night in hospital but in the last week I have been feeling gradually worse with a terrible sick tiredness, strange hot flushes and insomnia. I also feel slightly nauseous throughout the day. I was discharged from the hospital and told to get a blood test from my GP in 6 weeks and they will contact me (one dr told me 10 days and another said within 3 weeks) for a teleconference about the results of the thyroid pathology. I was told by my GP my thyroid function was normal in February. I tried to get an appointment with my GP this week to find out what is wrong with me but I can’t get an appointment for 4 weeks. Has anyone else experienced these kind of symptoms after surgery particularly the hot flushes and nausea? I am due to return to work next week but can’t imagine being able to feeling so bad. I am interested in hearing if other people have had these symptoms so soon after surgery.

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Hi there,

I am so sorry you are ill after your surgery. I would go to the emergency room. You should not be feeling this way so soon after surgery. You need blood work right away for all your thyroid functions and antibodies. I am 15 weeks TT and while I was tired, I did not feel anything like that. You may be having a reaction to something. If you are in UK call 111.

Wishing you well and hoping you feel better soon. You should not wait 6 weeks.

vocalEK in reply to Greekchick

Just what I was thinking. If GP can't see you for 4 weeks, go to the E.R.

Hi there. I had the same op as you last July and for the same reasons. My recovery was straightforward and I didn't have any of the symptoms you mention. Just 10 days after your op, you should be able to contact the ward for advice in the first instance.

Raali in reply to lucyred

Hi there I also had the same procedure but I feel terrible! Are you taking any thyroid medicine after the surgery? Do you feel fine?

lucyred in reply to Raali

Hi there. I struggle with fatigue but it’s impossible for me to know whether this is thyroid related or linked to my other issues (history of bowel cancer/effects of chemo and a serious infection and septic shock just a few months ago). My TSH has been creeping up but is just within the normal range. I’ve also gained weight but I can’t say that this is definitely not diet related.

After a similar operation it took my remaining thyroid gland 3 months to fully recover. My main problem was fatigue, nothing much more than that, the inability to move without falling over. Once it had recovered I felt marvellous for many years until a multinodular goitre struck me down again.

A blood test is likely to show that your residual thyroid is in a state of hibernation.

You could try your minor injuries unit, who should refer you to the right department for blood tests. Hope you find someone to help you, Weekends minor injuries units are open all day, and during daytime until 6-m You can drop in for an appointment in some areas without telephoning.

I would make sure they rule out anything serious. After that I wouldn’t worry. I was run down after my TT snd got a virus and recovery was prolonged. You are only 10 days out.

Dear All. Thank you for your lovely responses and good advice. I got an emergency appointment with my GP today who took a blood test to check my thyroid levels. I feel more confident of getting to the bottom of my issues now.

Wishing you all the best and so glad you are getting attention! Feel better soon .

Can I ask how you got on? I had a partial on the 17th everything went well but i was in hospital 5 days due to feeling very unwell. I'm now suffering cold achey hands and feet and very tired amongst other things.I have ME so I'm not sure if it's that kicking off due to the stress of surgery or my thyroid . I was told they cant notice if my thyroid was low for at least 6 weeks post surgery

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad - I feel for you.

They can do an interim test just to see where you are. I had two blood tests because I was so ill immediately after surgery they ran antibody and thyroid panels to make sure I was OK. I would ask anyway. Hope this helps!

Lilpink79 in reply to Samsara333

Did they check your calcium levels after surgery? I’ve read that can be an issue after surgery till the gland recovers from the shock.

I do hope you are feeling better soon. I felt terrible for about 10 days after my op but am OK now and back to work after two weeks off. I still have weird hot flushes but overall am Feeling well. You are still in the early days and with the ME it will take longer than normal to get on your feet probably. I hope your results are good. I am still waiting for mine...

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