Newbie confused/worried. P


Please can anyone help

I've read some posts and I'm overwhelmed I think!

Symptoms. very low mood some days like my brain is set in concrete. Does anyone else experience this. And cannot concentrate properly and motivation seems to have disappeared

Today, so tired and apathetic, can't be bothered feeling and I get fear as well rummynin knots which may be anxiety separate issue But I am afraid of my life being like ''tis forever, gps have given me anti depressants over the last ten years but no good, and I've just plodded on

My tsh is what they say borderline at 4.6 although know some say three is border??

My t4 comes in the middle of the range

I dont understand or know about T 3

I've got so overweight over the last five years (u fairly) and taken 12 weeks to drop a stone at 12 o o calories a day

Skin on legs really dry and scales

Feel I have no well being

I just pretend to get by outside or veg at home but manage get to work part time

I'm now scared as read here that it can be fatal???

Why fatal??

I tried the levythyroxine briefly it was 25 mg but I had a swimmy head feeling when driving? So now I take nothing except liquid magnesium, good fish oil and liquid multi bit

I see a keniesiologist who diagnosed my wheat and nightshade family sensitivity so taking his powders to heal the gut as he said leaks in the gut are responsible for a lot!?

All thoughts welcome please , two doctors said to me don't take the levy as my t4 fine and two others said to take it??? It seems just a one stop thing! The Health shop suggested Nassau iodine??

I know your thyroid is basically a gland that just does what it is told by the pituatory, so why therefore isnt the treatment based at pituatory?? Or is this a silly question?

Because I've had so much stress the last fifteen years and had anxiety, does beg the question if the adrenals are in the loop??

Confused . Com and a bit scared


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  • the thyroid is the conductor of the entire endocrine orchestra

    theres at least 40 hormones in the brain alone

    if your TSH is 4.6 you are hypothyroid

    you need Levo but you need the right make with fillers that you can tolerate

    also its vital that your GP tests




    vit d3

    because they must all be at least halfway in their ranges

  • Thankyou so much for reply

    Ok. I know b12 ok but will check others,

    Why though do some docs say 3 is the hypo level and some 5?

    Seems odd?

    My daughter has been checked and is only one point five

    What do you the correct fillers ?

  • .....what do you think about the pituatory gland then that tells the thyroid what to do ( is how it's explained )

  • The pituitary sends out the message telling the thyroid to produce T4. This then converts into T3 and is needed in every cell of your body.

    The above link takes you to the main website of this forum where you will find all information about thyroid.

  • Sometimes, the pituitary sends out the message (TSH) but the thyroid cannot respond. And that is not the pituitary's fault. There's nothing wrong with your pituitary, because your TSH has reached 4.6.

    If you had a pituitary problem - or a hypothalamus problem, come to that - you would have a very low TSH and low FT4/FT3.

    The discussion (battle) about the level of a hypo TSH has raged for years. Every doctor takes his own stand. It all means nothing. None of them are actually looking at the level of the TSH in really healthy people. But - call me cynical - but, if you lowered the upper limit of the TSH to 3 - which is what I consider to be full-blown hypo - you would have to diagnose a lot more people. And, that would have financial ramifications. Medicine is a business, there days. Nothing to do with making people well.

  • Welcome :)

    If you lived in the USA, you would be subject to treatment if your tsh went above 3 - also in some European countries. In the UK although the ranges differ slightly ( in my area range is 0.35 - 5.5mu/L ) I believe your GP may decide not to treat you until your TSH is more than 10. So far as an unenlightened GP is concerned you will barely be 'borderline'.

    Have you had a thyroid panel before when you felt relatively well ? Get hold of your bloods and find out. You are entitled to see them under the DPA see here post them on the forum and members will comment - even just your recent ones

    You will not die, not these days... although you may continue ill if you fail to take control of your own thyroid health. You are not alone. Keep on asking for regular bloods, consider doing you own here and read up on your potential problem here

    Fillers also called excipients are non active substances used to allow for the efficacious production of many medicines. Many of us find we are hyper sensitive as a result of our being hypothyroid. So we cannot say, having tried one medication, that we are finding it useless. Different manufacturers use different excipients. With this frankly sh*t complaint, some of us tolerate some fillers and some of us, others. Some poor souls struggle for years to find something they can take to alleviate their symptoms and find that they are not helped by their medics because they are 'in range' as you probably are, at the moment. Do what you can to look after your thyroid. This book may help

    I'm sorry you're going through this. Get your blood results, post them here in a new thread and complete your profile here

  • the problem is ranges are too wide but TSH should never ever be considered in isolation

    tsh must always be viewed with free t4 and free t3 as well

    bcos in Primary Hypothyroid the TSH rises

    whereas in CENTRAL / TERTIARY hypothyroid the TSH .will be low as well as t4 and t3

    different brands of levo contain different fillers so if you get hayfever then Mercury pharma stuff contains Acacia wont be any good

    other levo may contain lactose which wont help if your lactose intolerant

  • Thankyou thankyou both so much

    Yes a doc I respect probably more than others as always thorough said I am borderline and redid it, 4 .6 being borderline but the t3 and t4 fine,

    My daughter is 1.5 and was told 80percent of woman are under 2 so in my opinion 3 sounds borderline ....

    Will definitely do all you say,

    I've just been reading on women to women and noted all the dietary tips there also. I'm on a mission now, Interestingly it answered my question that yes, the adrenals play a large part, it's like I've got stuck in the flight out of the fight and flight!! (Had major big issues over 6years one in top of each other and developed some ptsd, (divorce, fire, crash, loosing home, flood, mum passing .. went on and one ) and no hugs 😂

    Lived to tell the tale and determined to get my life back on track,

    Detoxing as from today all sugar out, good vit and minerals, and the other recommendations

    I'm mother of bride in sept and hopefully some of this horrid weight will shed too

    Thanks and il get back with next results

    Yes good point, I asked three times for previous tsh readings and finally got to know that in 2010 it was a 3, the stress started in 1999

    Onwards and upwards and thanks x

  • Don't take the word 'fine' for T3 and T4. What the doctor might 'believe' is that if either are within the range you are 'fine'. It wont be fine if they are not at the top of the 'normal' range. You wont feel so good if they're in the middle or bottom.

    Always get a print-out with the ranges and post for comments.

  • YES exactly

    My sisters complained I was too sensitive and I just put it down to age

  • Ps

    Are these blood results any more thorough than from doctors?

  • Ask GP to test for thyroid antibodies- there are two sorts TPO Ab and TG Ab - really both need checking (NHS usually only check TPO) High antibodies would mean autoimmune thyroid called Hashimotos

    Also very important to check levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin

    Important to get the actual results & ranges (figures in brackets)

    Dr inclined to say "normal" if anywhere in range - e.g. B12 range is typically 210-790

    Dr would say "fine/normal" if result was 212 or 785. Many need B12 at higher end or definitely over 500

    Thyroid (especially Hashimotos) is linked to leaky gut. This can lead to low nutrients & gluten intolerance

    Good probiotic can help heal gut lining

    See The Thyroid Pharmacist website

    Chris Kresser

    Full private blood tests available - information via Thyroid Uk website

    Medichecks or Blue Horizon offer full thyroid & vitamin bundle- £99. Either DIY finger prick test, or at extra cost private blood draw at local to you clinic. They both often run money off offers if you sign up by email

    Always do any thyroid test as early in day as possible and fasting

  • Thankyou So much

    So much to take in

    Doc said my autoimmune ok but il have to understand it more to be sure as I'm now doubting so much

    Two docs said if they were me (I always ask them that question ) they wouldn't take levy as my levels ok, but I know I wasn't at top of ranges!? Somewhere in middle

    InDo believe that my adrenals have been burned out Over years of stress and the way I didn't deal with it well .... it's a bit of a catch 22 it seems'

    And mainly I was in menopause and my moods were all over the place for a long time, I don't know how I help jibs down as I felt dreadful and kept trying to 'appear in control '. Whatever this means now seems crazy!

    I had a bad post natal depression at one time and I was the same then but not as severe and after a year when the hormones settled I was fine again, no tablets taken

    Of Course I haven't had the hormones over these years (I asked for her 3 times but was refused and given anti depressants which I couldn't tolerate a bit. I was just going around in a fear state, panic is still in my normal thoughts daily, I have started meditating daily and considering hypnotherapy, I don't know what else to do but it's been a living h--

    And so sensitive, So I do wonder if my condition stems from the constant adrenal battering, therefore too much cortisol, for years, fight and flight stuck in flight I changed jibs all the time. It was exactly like running

    As the practice nurse said, my pituatory is working two and a half times harder than average,

    So therefore if my stress levels can stay low, and I take all these vitamins and minerals and thyroid based foods, meditate, sit in sun etc will/ can I heal naturally ? I may need to get serotonin and dopamine in some way after listening to the video as I've had depression bouts on and off all my life but I just thought I was miserable and had tonpull myself together !!!! Also had a double fractured skull when ten years old so in the back of my mind have felt embrassed that this caused it

    Sorry for ramble but good to get it off chest as have just put a face on for my grown up children for years now

    I was so low this weekend I felt my heart was breaking and I cried soulfully but have bucked upon I've been to work today, I find caring for folk helps!!


  • What I meant to reply to is ......if the thyroid is reacting ok to the pituatory, is it therefore the thyroid gland just being 'old and jaded' and worn out, therefore I can see the levy gives it what it can't do

    Or, is it doing the t3 ok, but the body isn't Absorbing?

    As I know that cells do stop absorbing well as you age, hence the q10 and the Bq one that is q10 for older ??? To enable cells to absorb

    Is this another thing to take??

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