Any advise please

Hi everyone, just lately I've been feeling really tired, headaches everyday, sore eyes and just generally feeling under the weather just no get up and go.

My last hospital appointment the Consultant wanted me to drop my meds to 150mg Levothyroxine instead of me self medicating myself with 175mg and 150mg alternate days. I was just wondering if this may be the reason for me feeling down ?

Im thinking of doing a hair stand test to see if I'm lacking in anything i.e: vits or minerals.

Ive been taking ferrous fumerate for a very long time now due to low ferritin but its now over 50 so i doubt my iron will be low.

I also take Rhodiola rosia, Ashwagandha, vit c & zinc and a pro biotic, oh and monthly b12 jabs for my pernicious anaemia.

Just wondering if anyone has any advise.

Many Thanks x

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  • Benjamin1 But your ferritin is low. Do you have the reference range? Ferritin needs to be half way through and at least 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly.

    Do you take a B Complex which is needed when supplementing with B12? Do you flag between B12 injections, some people do and top up with sublingual methylcobalamin or self inject between NHS injections.

    Was your folate tested when B12 was?

    Us Hypos need all our vitamins and minerals to be at optimal levels, not just in range, so folate and Vit D need testing as well.

    What are your latest thyroid test results? Post them with their reference ranges for members to comment.

  • Yes my ferritin is low but ive felt better before when my ferritin was lower. My temperature has been through the roof just lately and the headaches, tiredness and sore eyes are driving me crazy. I just thought it may be because ive dropped my meds. Im due a blood test next week so il post my resukts when i get them. I have my B12 monthly now but to be honest ive not noticed a difference having them monthly i still feel rough. I was taking a B vit everyday but didnt feel any better for it. Thats why i thought of doing a hair stand test to see if they find anything.

  • I don't know how accurate hair analysis is.

  • I know i dont i just seen it on the internet & i thought id give it a go.

  • Personally, for vitamins and minerals, I'd go the tried and tested route of using Blue Horizon or Medichecks.

  • Ok thanks il try that. Is it expensive?

  • I'm thinking the vitamins and minerals only come as part of a thyroid bundle such as Blue Horizon Thyroid plus Eleven or Medichecks Thyroid Check Ultravit, they're £99 but sometimes on special offer.

    Links on TUK's testing page

  • Thats really good, thank you so much for that info i really appreciate all your advice. I thought the tests would a lot more than that.

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