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Please advise

Hi there,

Please can anyone advise me as I am really getting desperate. I am a menopausal 53 year woman who has been suffering for too long the following symptoms:

Extreme exhaustion

Painful/swollen joints

Dizzy/foggy head

Weight gain

Low blood pressure and heart beat

I have tried cutting out alcohol and eating a very healthy diet and even when I do seriously diet I still gain weight. My normal weight was about 8 -8.7 stones and now I am 10.4 stones.

I felt so rubbish this weekend I called 111 who sent me to a hospital where upon a Doctor had me an ECG and found I was suffering Sinus Bradycardia.

I have been back to my doctor this morning and asked if it could be Thyroid (he said thyroid is fine at 2.9) or Heart - he took more bloods and I am just off to have a chest xray?

I am due to get married in ten weeks and just want to feel WELL

When I look up symptoms such as mine it comes up as Thyroid - any help or advise would be appreciated. For example should I max out my credit card and go to a private specialist?

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REG63 Normal TSH is around 1 so yours is obviously struggling. GPs are unlikely to do anything until it reaches 10 but it would be worth getting hold of a copy of your blood test results which you're legally entitled to. Post them up here when you receive them.

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thank you for reply - my doctor said it was in normal range under 5 - I will today ask for my blood test results

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As @cinnamon_girl said get your blood test results but make sure you get ALL your blood test results from the last 2 years WITH ranges. This is because you could have something else which the GPs have ignored.

You may have to pay for them but it is your right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to have them. If your GP practice is difficult in giving your blood test results come back on here and post a new thread for advice on getting them.


I will ask for ALL my blood test results today - thank you


Hi, just a suggestion that maybe you can get your hormorne level checked. In menopause low levels can cause a lot of symptons . Especially if you had early partial hysterectomy . Estergon levels can be very low. I have dealt with this and also hyperthyroid . Only diganoised a month ago. Hope this helps in some small way.


Thank you for reply - I have only had a womb lining ablation but do have a raise CA125?


I should also add that I suffer from Lupus Anticoagulant Syndrome which loss me 7 much wanted babies


I so sorry to hear this, must have been such a sad time. My heart goes out to you . Just want to add that it had severe hot flashes, sweats, insomina before I realized something else was going on also. High pulse and heart beating fast. So now I am dealing with hyperthyroid plus menopause and chronic pain from 4 spinal surgeries. I know it's not easy but you have the right to get checked to find out why your having these symptons. It could be combination of two. Which was my issue and thought it was menopause . Hang in it gets better.


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