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😕It's not depression...OK!

Just back from seeing GP regarding how bad i'm feeling.

My nigh on opening gambit was ' i don't think this is depression'.

In a very jumbled way i explained how i was feeling and had a list of my symptoms...

...i won't say he didn't listen...but he was very keen to discuss further bl**dy depression.

Anyway...i made it clear i wanted to check my thyroid and b12. I did ask for a full thyroid blood test and i have to do a fasting test...for grey purple and gold container....i have no idea what that means!

Any thoughts??


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I'm sorry, I've no idea. For a good test you need:-

TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Always as early as possible, fasting (you can drink water) and don't take any medications until after the test.


I'm going to ask the phlebotomist what tests have been requested. I'm going to the pathology lab first thing tomorrow.

I'll be gutted if he hasn't asked for b12 or t3


Sometimes, even if GP requests (T3) the lab might not do it if TSH is in range (which is ridiculous). B12 is a necessity as is Vit d (both prohormones).


That is nuts.

Sounds needy...but i really hope there's a physiologically detectable reason as to why i feel like curling up and sleeping all the time!


It isn't needy. We all wish the same thing!


If he mentions he cannot do FT4 and FT3 say you need both and I'll give you a link to read about these too. Also say as you think I am depressed it is probably due to not having sufficient T3 circulating as my brain has the most T3 receptor cells. If I don't have sufficient !!!!!!

So that's why FT4 and FT3 are important. T3 drives the metabolism.

(sometimes the lab wont if TSH is in range but you can get private ones from a recommended lab on


I know!! Sometimes their attitudes are enough to make us depressed.

I've said it before, ..., the NHS can actually make us sick..

Think, iatrogenics - Dr made disease!!

Perhaps we should start our answers to the 'past medical history question' with, I suffer from iatrogenics? In so doing, doctor may even look at us!

Sorry, I have no idea what fasting test etc, you mention, means... maybe your doctor has episodes of brain fog?

Good luck.


Different transport, storage, and processing times can be associated with different tests so can be distinguished by various colours. There's a guide here (probably more complete ones elsewhere but I don't recall them):


The colours refer to any mediums or chemicals that are in the test tubes to mix with the blood depending on the test required etc. For example heparin is used to stop the blood clotting in the tube.


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