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Can anyone help with my most recent blood results? I would most appreciate it ( Image Attached )

Can anyone help with my most recent blood results? I would most appreciate it ( Image Attached )

Long suspected Hypothyroidism with typical symptoms of hair loss and low energy etc

Had a test in Nov 2016.

So after the first test I decided to trial a low dose Armor Thyroid for a couple months to see if It could adjust my levels (1/4 grain 15mg per day or slightly less )

I then tested again in January 2017 to see how I was doing.

From the comparison results below from Nov 16 to January 2017, the TSH seems to get reduced, but my body seems to want to compensate by keeping the T4 and free T3 virtually the same.

I just wanted to know if this is common?

Could I get free t3 to increase with more of the medication?,..or will my body keep trying to regulating my levels?

I noticed my antibodies seemed to drop with treatment.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with this situation at all.

Thanks, Jen.

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Hi Jen

I hope the experts reply to your post, but for what it's worth - and I am a newbie - this is what I think based on my own experience and what I have read here. First thing to say is: with Hashimoto's results can swing about a bit. They will naturally ebb and flow with the level and duration of antibody attacks. Secondly, you are not taking enough hormones. Quarter of a grain of NDT is hardly anything. Your TSH should be below 1 for you to feel at your best, with FT4 in upper quarter, and FT3, high in upper third. As far as how much to increase is concerned, I'm not qualified to say, but with luck, someone here will.


Hey. Thanks:)

A lot of docs said the TSH is less important than the amount of t4 and t3. Would that be correct?


The absolutely best way to judge if you're on the right hormone replacement plus dose, is how we 'feel'. If good everything else doesn't matter. That's how we used to be prescribed before blood tests and levo were introduced.

You have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimoto's and the treatment is the same as for hypothyroidism. Going gluten-free can help reduce the antibibodies which can wax and wane until your gland is defunct.

I agree with steviecat and the best way to judge when taking thyroid hormone replacement is how we 'feel'. If well we are on the right dose and thyroid hormones


Blimey, normally doctors ignore everything except TSH..!


1/4 grain is a tiny dose and reducing TSH would be the simple biologic fact of the pituarity feedback loop...before i abandon your experiment i would push the dosage up as per instruction in resources and monitor your symptoms and your temperature on waking

I would not bother forking out for blood tests

My husband will tell you it takes time to resolve symptoms on NDT because it seems to heal damaged tissues first and symptoms slowly resolve in process

I trust you at some point tested




Vit d3

Are all at least halfway in their ranges


Everything ok apart from Ferritin which was a little high at 264. I'm thinking of donating blood:)


Hmmm. So you may have heamachromatosis which does sometimes occur in hypothyroid


Re the raised ferritin, mine is similar. My understanding is that the result would be over 1000 if the problem was haemachromatosis!


Over 500 .... according to my lab range figures. Who knows - they differ ?


I think anything over 150 is a recipe for disaster with iron. I read one doctors talk about the dangers of high iron and the lenient ranges of many clinics. I'm going to do all I can to get a therapeutic phlebotomy.


A level of 150 for iron may be perfectly sensible. It really depends on the reference range. So, a level of 150 (13 - 150) would be too high for long-term good health, but a level of 150 (20 - 400) would actually be a bit low for some people to feel healthy with.


Bear in mind they set these lab ranges on a very wide loop and take no consideration of an individuals make up, body type, fat to lean ratio, etc

Bloods to test genes for Haemachromatosis are expensive too so...... My ferritin is too high but "within range" (the higher end and my red cells are big fat ones ! Not right !

Nothing being done ......I reckon I'm lucky to get the injections for B12 !

Although after my research on all that now too I realise they differ and I'm wondering would I be better with sublingual tablets ?

B 12 is on the floor though so maybe I'll just stick with the jabs for now. Maybe it will start to circulate enough to correct my Thyroid bloods !


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