Killers in the home

Killers in the home

This information was received from a weekly bulletin for sports medics. I find it interesting because top of the list are mould and mycotoxins, something I've written about before on here relating to thyroid health, and particularly interesting to note that it is coming to the notice of other branches of medicine. Hopefully it will eventually reach the ears of endocrinologists too!

If you haven't already read about how these toxins can affect every part of your body including thyroid function you might want to follow up here:

The photo is of a petri dish which we left open for 10 minutes in my daughter's bedroom, and was left to grow in the dark for 5 days. Not all of the moulds on here cause problems (we counted seven), but at least 3 of them have in her case - Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and Trichotecenes.

Jane x

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I cut the mould off my toast this morning :-)

Thanks for these links Jane, I shall do a similar test because we live in woodland and I only became ill after moving here and have noticed a surprisingly high number of illnesses among our neighbours in the last 15 years. When I open the windows the outside air is at worst damp-smelling and at best 'woody' apart from during heatwaves. We also have spectacular mushrooms and toadstools in the garden in the autumn :(

In your opinion is it possible to get rid of the mould permanently or does one simply have to sell up and move?

Apparently out in the open these moulds don't cause problems because they have natural enemies, but once in the house they can multiply at will. It's the toxins they give off that make people ill. I recommend that you watch the video on the site I posted and also this one:

Unfortunately the audio on this one gets a bit scratchy.

Dr. Nathan has also written a book called "On hope and healing" with an excellent chapter on mould toxin illness. This was what prompted our visit to him, because it ticked all the boxes for my daughter and husband.

There is another excellent little book written by a sufferer called "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" by Mary Beth Short-Ray, who is a doctor herself. It is also an American book. I haven't been able to obtain any information about mould biotoxin illness in this country.

Sometimes apparently it does mean moving house, but I suspect that most houses in this country have moulds in them especially with the wet years we've had recently. I know my house here in Devon has them everywhere. We have taken measures to eradicate them, but it remains to be seen how successful and long term they are. Some people in America have spent thousands to no avail to "cure" their houses. The moulds get into woodwork, drywall, wallpaper paste - anything organic!

Hope the links are helpful. There are lots more I could send you if you wish. Jane x

Thanks Jane! I shall get that test kit and check the house. Yesterday we had a decorator here for some quotes, he'd been here before and had commented then on two of the rooms, and is going to try to get a German paint preparation for us which should at least inhibit some of the mould coming back, but I also want to eradicate the spores as far as possible. It isn't helped in our house because we're just about hermetically sealed with no air bricks or fireplaces

It's depressing to think most houses here have this problem but I suppose our weather is damp overall. I lived in Anglesey for 3 years which I think was the healthiest place with the constant wind and sea air, then Devon which should have been similar but I remember a frequent fine drizzle a lot of the time.

Did your daughter have a test to see how this had affected her or isn't there a reliable one?

I shall go off and do the reading now, and I'll get back to you with more questions if I have some if that's ok. Thanks again!

She had a very reliable test done in the USA, but I can't find any here at the moment. I keep looking though and you can be assured that if I find one anywhere in Europe I will post the information on here. Jane x

I have heard of people using mould resistant bathroom & kichen paint all over the house to good effect.

Food for thought! There's another remedy I use which seems to work. Mix 3 drops oil of cloves in 1 litre of water in a trigger spray bottle, shake to mix well. Spray lightly onto mould on walls and other hard surfaces. Leave 24-48 hours then wipe it off with a dry cloth (mould should be dead). Haven't tested this one with a Petri dish before and after but smell goes and residue wipes off easily.

Happy mould fighting all!

That's interesting. I make up a mix of essential oils called "Thieves Oil" (so called because during the Black Death looters used to put it on handkerchiefs tied around their mouths and managed to stay clear of disease) and put several drops in all my laundry, dish washer etc. I also have oil burners all over the house now and am steadily working my way round all of the walls with a mix of Thieves Oil and water. There is a high percentage of oil of cloves in the mix. The house smells great! Jane x

Very interesting, thank you for this idea and Jane for the Thieves Oil idea. The only thing I've used like this is cedar incense sticks to deter a plague of moths last year, it works well, gets them out of their hiding places, but then friends visit and wonder what I've been smoking ;)

Ooh the cedar incense sticks sound great too. I have cedarwood oil as one of the constituents of my Thieves Oil. Where do you get them - I wonder if they would deter spiders which are driving me crazy this year!? Do I have to find a hippy shop, or maybe I should just try Amazon - they seem to have everything? Jane x

Well I bought them from a shop called Retail Therapy in North Laine Brighton which also sold online, and also had very beautiful carved wooden incense holders and covers, but I can't get into its website and think it must have closed, which is a great shame. The incense sticks are called 'Six Scents UK SA43 3NX' but Six Scents only sells wholesale, however this site sells them: they are the first item, 20 Long Burn Foil Wrapped Incense Sticks, and mine are cedarwood, I also have rose, neroli and sandalwood, and they burn for a long time. The only problem is that they cost less than the postage!

I don't know if cedar also repels spiders but horse chestnuts certainly do! You could probably make up a chestnut oil mixture but I buy this one which is horse chestnut and clove oil:

I used to zap everything with chemical sprays, but wouldn't use them these days and far prefer natural methods, plus they all smell good!

Thanks for this info Framboise. I shall be looking into it later. Jane x

Hi Jane,

this is very relevant to me at the moment, sitting here with blowers and dehumidifiers on for the third time of being flooded, and having only just scrubbed off the mold from the last time.

I was looking into the thieves oil, can you tell me if you make it and where you buy the ingredients ?


This is the recipe for Thieves Oil that I use:

As for the last ingredients I put 10 drops of lavender, tea tree AND cedar. I buy the oils from

Good luck with it. Jane x

Thanks for this Jane, and good luck with yours too.

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