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I can’t tolerate T3!!

I think that sadly I can’t tolerate T3 at all.

Tried synthetic T3 at 2.5 mcg, 3 mcg, 10 mcg, and Desiccated Thyroid at ¼ grains and the results are the same: I fell more fatigued, anxious, angry. These, I think, are hyperthyroid symptoms.

These are occurring because I, before starting levothyroxine, already have a higher freeT3.

In my first blood test to diagnoses hypo, my TSH was 5, my free T4 was at 24% of the reference range but my free T3 was at 75 % of the reference range!! Is this Thyroid Hormone Resistance or I need the Free T4 to be high too? Or is this primary hypothyroidism?

My folate are ok, I have high b12 without supplementation, my vitamin D is at 70 and my ferritin is high, at 169.

I lost so much money whit T3 medication that don’t work.

Currently I am on 75 mcg of levo., my freeT4 is now at 50% of the range, TSH is at 1,13 but my free T3 don’t moved at all.

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TSH 5, free T4 at 24% of the reference range and free T3 at 75% of the reference range indicates primary hypothyroidism. Often the high TSH is stimulating the high FT3. It's not usually sustainable unless FT4 level is increased.

If FT3 is still at 75% of range now that TSH is 1.13 and FT4 at 50% of range that is good and you don't need additional T3. FT3 in the upper third of range is desirable for most people but some will feel over medicated when it is near the top of range.


So, should I keep increasing the levo. dose until I get symptoms free?



Can you post your most recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges? It's hard to advise without knowing precisely what the levels are.



These are my recentes results whit 100 mcg of Levo:

TSH: 0,19 uUI/ml Ref: 0,40 – 4,30

Free T4: 1,42 ng/dl 65,45 % in the range Ref: 0,70 – 1,80 ng/dl

Free T3: 0,33 ng/dl 65% in the range Ref: 0,20 – 0,40

I still don’t feel well. My body temperature has not increased at all and I still fell heavy on my legs.

Should I increase the dose to 112 or 125 mcg?



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