Vitamin D and TSH

This has been asked and answered, but I cannot understand as it seems to vary, for some vitamin D lowers TSH and for some dont. I have googled around and found some research stating that vitamin D lowers TSH in AIT as it lowers antibodies, some studies states its only in Graves. And in some studies its related to age that young people with optima vitamin D status have low TSH and in some studies it affects only male. I simply cannot understand it all :( Being tired and trying to read medical stuff in foreign language is hard.

How about t4 and t3?

If some lovely person could give me simple answer. Like ve-ry simp-le, its dummy here reading :D Dummy as I am so tired.

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  • Justiina,

    I'm aware that good levels of vitamin D will aid conversion of T4 to T3 but I wasn't aware that vitD lowered TSH or antibodies.

  • And, even if it lowered antibodies, that wouldn't lower TSH.

  • GG,

    I suppose if T4 to T3 conversion improves that TSH might come down but I've never heard it said that vitD brings down TSH.

  • No, nor have I. But, if it is due to improving conversion, then that is a good think - so, why worry about it, Justiina? :)

  • Conversion is secondary now :D I am getting retested and if my TSH would have dropped dramatically regardless my ft4 sitting on the bottom of the range I am not getting trial of levo. If it were most likely to happen that vitD lowers TSH then I would just be mentally prepared for that. I do know TSH can drop/fluctuate anyway and its only meaningful for doctors, but mine is forbid to trial levo unless my TSH is above 4. Last time it was 3.5 (0.4-4) and ft4 10 (10-25) so in my case with these numbers already it would be justified to trial levo.

  • That's tough! Stupid doctor should be more interested in your FT4 than your TSH! Let's hope it hasn't dropped, then. :)

  • Not completely her fault as GP's are told they will lose their licence to prescribe medication if they prescribe levo unless the patient is pretty much comatosed!

    Endos were losing patients when GP's prescribed levo and lio successfully which most endos didnt care to do as endos are only trained to bring you into range not to optimize your thyroid medication. So endos got sand in their vajayjays and it seems to hurt :P

    But my doctor isnt very experienced in thyroid issues anyways to fully understand how irrelevant TSH is, but how can she if they are not allowed to treat thyroid issues, sigh!

  • Yes, it is a dilema. :(

  • Thanks. Yes I had understood it could have something to do with better conversion especially while on thyroid medication vitamin D is very important.

    Possible connection was explained by vitamin D lowering autoimmune reaction, that's why I was somewhat confused as if it that was it then vitamin D would be used to treat Hashimoto, not thyroid medication.

  • Justiina,

    Thyroid replacement doesn't treat Hashimoto's it treats the low thyroid levels Hashimoto's causes.

  • TSH becomes irrelevent when at low levels under 1 if you are not sure.

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