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Post Radio-iodine goitre ?

Hi ,

First post here so be kind . I am just after a little help.

I was hyperthyroid in 2004 and had radio-iodine therapy , taking 100mg of Levothyroxine ever since .

I have now developed what appears to be a large goitre which is affecting my swallowing and causing choking issues ( I have an ultrasound today finally )

Can your thyroid grow back after radio-iodine ? My levels are okay a little low on T4 but I feel dreadful all the time .

thank you

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Yes, thyroid can regrow after RAI or thyroidectomy in previously hyperthyroid patients.

If you post your thyroid results with the ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) members will advise. It sounds as though you may be under medicated if T4 is low.

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Thank you Clutter , I am seeing my G.P tomorrow so will ask for a breakdown of my last tests taken 5 weeks ago .

Ultrasound confirmed multiple , well established nodules on the right side of my thyroid and smaller nodules on the left . I hope something will be able to be done to fix the pain and discomfort and will update when I have some news .

thanks again :)

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