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? Hypothyroid

Hi, I have been under the care of an Endo (NHS) for a couple of months now due to unexplained fatigue and complete lack of energy for the past 10 years (which had slowly gotten worse).

He did some blood work, the usual, TSH, FT4, HB, cortisol etc - he even did a short synacthen test, ACTH test and adrenal antibodies test - which all came back as normal.

I was convinced I have adrenal fatigue as I was given a 5 day course of prednisolone last year as the gp thought a cough I had was due to asthma! It was actually whooping cough!

For those 5 days I felt amazing - completely wired but was great to lay in bed and actually watch a film instead of my eyelids.

I had a private saliva test which showed low cortisol on waking and at 4. And lower end of range at midday and 10pm - the endo doesn't know what to do with these results as according to him 'I'm a mystery' 😡

So my question is this: do you think it's possible that I am hypothyroid (possibly hashimotos) and do you think I should get tested for thyroid antibodies

TSH 2.12. Range 0.27 - 4.20

Free T4 13.3 range 10.8 - 25.5

Sorry for the long post - I'm desperate to find an answer so I can start to live my life without feeling like I'm just being lazy!


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for me your TSH is too high

your t4 is near to bottom of its range

no freet3 has been done so no one can tell you your normal




vit d3

all need testing too along with thyroid antibodies

however what other symotoms do you have

do you use alumi ium or non stick coated cookware or foil or any kitchen gadgets like george foreman grill or drinks cans of coke etc


Out of interest - please what does geo forman grill do? I know alu foil is not good but does it affect throid then


george foreman grills like non stick pans are aluminium coated in flouride

both aluminium and flouride which is a by product of the aluminium industry are 2 of the most poisonous metals on the planet just like mercury

the biggest problem with aluminium which only those like me who were poisoned by it understand is heat aluminium and a kind of radiation transmits through the non stick coating or through the ceramic or glass bowl if slow cookers etc and affects the food this then affects every system of the body ....the digestive system is first attacked but then nerves and hormone system and finally the brain

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thanks for that. havent had alu pans for eons and try to avoid foil. l didnt realise it cd affect slow cookers too through ceramic interior bowl. Was thinking of looking for one as my new-ish 2 Ring cooker most annoyingly can NOT be controlled down to a simmer (Andrew James) and only has 3 heats - which l didnt know till used it. Looks like the new one from Coopers may be more adjustable and appears to have useful timer. l shall ask

l have also avoided non-stick pans and was unaware these grills used it - but dont have one. i learned long ago from US guru- Anthony Robbins that fluoride is simply a 'waste product' they need to get rid of and thats why its 'dumped' in Water supply if they can get away with it. Glad l dont live there and with all the GMO and worse animal cruelty

You must have been thru the mill finding out what caused all your health issues. there is just so much to be aware of these days - and l thought l knew most but ......


Hi reallyfedup123 thanks for replying! They did check ferritin, folate, vit D etc and all were normal and well within the ranges (I'm a midwife so am used to looking up blood results)

I had a load of bloods taken in 2015 for the fatigue and free T3 was checked then. My TSH back then was 1.97, free T4 was 12.4, and free T3 was 5.1 range 2.60 - 5.70

As well as fatigue and complete lack of energy (both of which tend to go in cycles of bad to extremely bad) I have gained a few pounds around my abdomen, feel dizzy and light headed often and my memory is atrocious.

I do try to exercise but am always too tired. I do like a can of Pepsi and don't drink any alcohol


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Hi, Griscti08 , my advice would be that even though you are a midwife and you're used to looking at blood results, you should still post them on here. I'm a recently retired RGN and also am used to looking at blood results but that was with my NHS hat on. Now I am not working in the NHS I can think outside the NHS box. Many times I though my bloods were OK/normal, but I posted them and was given good sensible advice on here.

Just wanted to say, hope you don't mind😉


Hi ask for definite tests for hashimotos. Uss thyroid shows shrunken thyroid or giraffe like pattern on surface.

Or antibody tests for auto immune disease which is hashimotos.

Yr bloods can be in range still whilst your thyroid is not destroyed enough to stop being able tokeep them in range..



Also sorry the amazing people on here tell me Co enzyme Q10 deficiency can be a problem. So see if they will test.

Don't give up. As there are much more things you can do. Leaky gut treatment, gluten free etc. The experts on here will guide you as they have guided me. With evidence based info. They link you with research and consultants information etc. But they also have such empathy and kindness. It's humbling

Love Poppy


Thank you for your replys! I'm now looking at my blood results again thanks to sewnsew 👍🏻 and my Hb is 142 range 115 - 165 and my folate is 4.1 range anything over 3 being normal! B12 400 range 190 - 600

They never checked my ferritin levels


It is possible to have an extremely ideal haemoglobin and low ferritin. Also your folate is not stellar.

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You haven't had sufficient blood tests. Request TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. (you can have a private test for all of them or for the ones the GP will not do).

GP should also test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Blood tests should be the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and if you take thyroid hormones allow a 24 hours gap between last dose and test.

Before the blood tests were introduced doctors diagnosed us on our clinical symptoms alone and we were given a trial of hormones.





Being in range is one thing - but where you are in the range is key when Hypo or wanting optimal health :-) Have a read of a few posts and all will be revealed ! The B12 test only shows you the amount circulating in the blood - when B12 is needed in the cells - so only around 20% of your result is available to be transported. Many of the LOW B12 symptoms are similar to low thyroid. I think you need a Ferritin result too ....


Scroll down in the above link to read the signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency .... I am wondering if as a midwife you check the levels of B12 in pregnant Mums - it is key for the development of the unborn baby - as are thyroid hormones and VitD. Optimal levels - and not bumping along the bottom of the range ...

I am not a Medic - just a Hashimotos gal with a B12 issue :-)


l dont know a lot but have been 0ver-tired for more than 40 years and ignored by 6 or 7 GPs and one consultant, till l had a strop with GP before Xmas and saw a young open-minded Endo @ Bournemouth. She said l had low cortisol and had suspected such. Going more tests next week before treatment. l suspect anyway that ayurvedic Ashgwanda may help - it has many bril write-ups on Amazon for all aspects of thyroid/adrenal problems and there is organic one from India @ reaonable price. l bought some but cant take it until they have done tests

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One thing I'd add to really fed-up reply, is get your GH tested if it's low in range you most likely have an adrenal problem too as both need amino acids to thrive so ultimately need to supplement with one if this is the case.

So. More testing needed. Hope that helps too...


Thanks for replying! What is GH?


I suspect it is Growth Hormone (also called Human Growth Hormone, HGH).

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GH is growth hormone, not talking injections, if low need amino acids and accompanying nutrients


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