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6 weeks post RAi

hi, MY FRIENDS, i HAD raI 6 weeks ago just had my blood test back

tsh -2.47

t4- 9

t3 -3.67

Of course the doctor said they are normal ???? I went to see my endro yesterday who told me to stop carb and to wait to see if i go underactive she then gave me a sheet of paper telling me i was discharged from the clinch as the RAI was working . I feel lost and alone, I have brain fot muscle aches every where tired, cant be bothered to move, depressed,, can some one help me please after suffering gd for 3 years and now this i feel so confused

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TSH has risen because Carbimazole is blocking T4 and T3 production. They should rise now you have stopped Carbimazole and symptoms will improve. When have you been advised to have your next thyroid blood test?


next bloods in 6 weeks , I never knew the endo would discharge me now i am left in the hands of the doctor who admitted he has never treated a patient with this. Will i go under active Clutter?



Most people become hypothyroid within 6 months. Make sure you ask for FT4 and FT3 lab ref ranges along with your results in future.

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Don't worry. You are never alone on this forum! Anything new to you takes a bit on getting used to but keep posting any results and ranges and although in many resepects we are all different many have been where you are now and will share their experiences.

Hope you soon start to feel better.


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