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been feeling very tired of late can someone please explain these lab results to me as i am worried about CLL

Total white cell count10.33 10*9/L Abnormal result3.4 - 8.410*9/L

Red blood cell (RBC) count4.61 x10*12/L4.29 - 5.7x10*12/L

Haemoglobin estimation137 g/L133 - 166g/L

Haematocrit0.42 L/L0.41 - .52L/L

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)90.2 fL86 - 102fL

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH)29.7 pg27 - 33pg

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC)329 g/L300 - 365g/L

Red blood cell distribut width12.7 %12.2 - 14.8%

Platelet count282 10*9/L150 - 40010*9/L

Platelet distribution width13.6 %9 - 14%

Neutrophil count5.79 10*9/L Abnormal result1.6 - 4.610*9/L

Lymphocyte count3.71 10*9/L Abnormal result1.1 - 2.910*9/L

Monocyte count0.54 10*9/L0.2 - .610*9/L

Eosinophil count0.2 10*9/L0.03 - .2810*9/L

Basophil count0.09 10*9/L0 - .110*9/L


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Welcome to our forum.

I previously experienced a continuously low lymphocyte count as a kid when I suffered from swollen lymph glands locoated in the neck, armpit & groin. These are meant to filter the lymphatic fluid and store special cells that can trap cancer cells and bacteria.

A low lymphocyte count can be down to the bodies inadequacy to produce a sufficient number or they are destroyed through varying illnesses// medications//treatments. They are critical for the body's immune response and are principal sites where many immune reactions are initiated.

Your lymphocyte result is at present elevated and during a Hashimotos attack, lymphocytes will infiltrate the thyroid gland where destruction slowly takes place, eventually depleting thyroid hormone.

If you have a thyroid issue, post any recent results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) and members will comment. Hashimotos Auto Immune Disease is determined by the presence of thyroid antibodies TPOAb and//or TGAb.




twelve months my results have been coming back like this should i be worried about CLL.

Total Vitamin D43.7 nmol/L Abnormal result> 49.9nmol/L

Total white cell count10.4 10*9/L Abnormal result3.4 - 8.410*9/L

Neutrophil count5.69 10*9/L Abnormal result1.6 - 4.610*9/L

Lymphocyte count3.72 10*9/L Abnormal result1.1 - 2.910*9/L

Monocyte count0.67 10*9/L Abnormal result0.2 - .610*9/L

Basophil count0.12 10*9/L Abnormal result0 - .110*9/L

Serum vitamin B12201 ng/L187 - 883ng/L

Serum folate4.6 ug/L3.1 - 20.5ug/L


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