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Thyroid scan

Thyroid scan

I had a thyroid scan two weeks ago, just to find out what over 25 years of Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto's have done to it but was surprised to get the result that my thyroid is 'only slightly smaller in size but otherwise normal', no nodules etc.

On T3, 30mcg, and T4, 25mcg, but my last, private test results were all down, including the TSH which sent the endo into spin (osteoporosis, AF etc)

My symptoms are coming back with the drop in FT3, now barely within reference range, but I am supplementing (all results for VitD, Vit B12, Ferritin, Folate are optimal), and I am gluten free, grain free, pulsefree in my diet. I don't know where to turn to next. Is this possible to have H's, and being hypo and virtually nothing turns up on ultra sound scan? Will I have to look at the pituitary? ANy suggestions greatfully received, as always.

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Why would you have to look into the pituitary? Your TSH is suppressed because you are taking quite a reasonable dose of T3 - even though it doesn't show in your FT3. It's perfectly normal. And, if you caught the Hashi's before it had time to do much damage, it won't show up on the scan. Your TSH is virtually zero, and that's the best place for it to keep antibodies down. I don't see anything unusual in this - except that on 30 mcg T3, I would expect your FT3 to be a bit higher. But, if you're taking your hormone correctly, then all you need is an increase in dose - unless you feel well at this level - if so, don't worry about a thing, everything's fine. :)


Wow, your t3 is so low, I wonder if it's worth dropping the little bit of levo and bumping your t3 until you feel better. Is there a reason why you're still on a drop of levo?

Once you're on t3-only you generally are less concerned w bloods as they can only take a snapshot of what it happening at the moment, and of course your tsh will remain low.

I understand why they prefer to keep your tsh in range but why are they never equally worried about other results?? When you take t3 tsh will be low but they act like it is a surprise every time. Your t3 is on the floor, no wonder you don't feel well, but that is fine because it's (just) in range?


Thanks for reply. I have taken all the advice on this forum on board, so I am taking my T4/T3 the correct way, and my supplements. My problem is that endo doesn't want to increase T3. The FT3 has actually gone down over the year that I have been on T3 which I think is a bit odd. My weight gain, return of symptoms etc. started when endo cut T4 below 50mcg, to increase T3 from 20 to 30 mcg and, ideally, she wants me to drop T3 because she is only interested in TSH and for her it is too low. It was in fact even lower when on 125mcg T4 only. Moving over to T4/T3 combination did not do very much at all to TSH but as usual that is the only thing she wants to go by. She refuses to even look at my FT3 results although I keep repeating that I always do the test under the same conditions ( in the morning, after fasting, none taken for 12 hours etc.) I would like to feel less fatigued, tired, with hair falling out etc. Is 30mcg T3 a lot to take or coyld I go higher?


I take 75 mcg T3 only. So, yes, there's no reason why you shouldn't take more.

It's all very well your endo going on about what she wants, but what about what you want? It's your body, not hers, and you have to live in it. She is only there to advise you, not to dictate to you, and your welfare should come first. You need what you need, and if that doesn't correspond with her desires, well... too bad!



I've realised from my personal experience that the term 'normal' has been used following a test, when what was actually meant was that 'there was 'no malignancy found'.

Something did show up on your scan -

" .... slightly smaller in size .... OTHERWISE normal ..."

I recall it was the reaction of the Consultant Radiologist as soon as he started my scan that confirmed he'd seen something. However when I got copies of my Hospital records, there wasn't much written on that report. Can't remember what, but do remember the 'no nodules' bit. Morning after scan GP made urgent referal to Endo who after doing all the bloods confirmed diagnosis of Hash's & Hypo.

In 1988 a Consultant told me my Barium Enema result was 'Normal'. It was a new GP some time after that who told me it showed Diverticular in the Colon.

More recently in 2013 following a Hysteroscopy to eliminate malignancy. The report/letter to GP said 'Normal' - (well that's what I was told haven't seen it ) and no mention of prolapse.

However the internal U/s scan revealed a fibroid outside the womb causing concave womb. The consultant after exam told me other findings including prolapse. He thought I had polyps but none found during the op couple weeks later.

None of the benign findings in clinic appointment were reported to GP just 'normal' or in other words no polyps found.

Don't know if this helps.

What I liked, though, about my recent orthopaedic appointment he dictated my letters to foot doctor & Lympthoedema Clinic while I was still in the room.

I'm happy with that, know exactly what he wrote !!!




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