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Tonight I had a thyroid scan the doctor said that the scan showed my thyroid is slightly enlarged. Does this mean I have something wrong with my thyroid as my last lot of T4 blood test were normal. He said my gp will contact me in 7 to 10 days to discuses it further. I feel ok at the moment sleeping better, less shaky ness and thudding heart but am still hot all the time and can't stand the heating on. X

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Your symptoms sound slightly hyperactive. It would be useful to have the results of your thyroid function test with lab ref ranges. You can request a copy from your GP and repost.

Your thyroid could be inflamed following illness such as glandular fever or because of a virus such as de Quervain's thyroiditis, in which case it may be watch and wait with the expectation it will clear up in a few weeks/months, and you'll be given pain relief, if required.

If you have Graves, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid, this will be evident from antibodies in your blood and treatment is usually carbimazole or 'block & replace' with carbimazole and levothyroxine.

Thanks for your response.

I'm going to ask for a print off of my blood results next time I visit my gp.

I thought it could be a virus but I have had this for a year now would it be this long? my t4 has been high twice but then has come back to normal x

I think a virus or de Quervain's would be expected to resolve within a year. Did your symptoms prompt your GP to order the ultrasound or was something off with your labs?

I asked for an ultrasound because my neck is hurting and I go horse a lot. Also because my bloods keep going up then back to normal x

Have you been tested for antibodies? Sounds like the most likely reason for yo-yoing. Ask for Thyroid Peroxidase for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) and TRab for Graves.

In either, your thyroid can be under attack from lymphocytes and then sputter back into life meaning TSH, FT4 & FT3 can show normal results within range whilst ultimately being destroyed. There is more chance of remission with Graves than Hashi's but either can flare up again in the future.

And thyroglobulin antibodies. I only have those, so you can have 1 without the others.

I was tested for antibodies but I didn't know there was 2 types so not sure if it was both or just one. They said my test ok, I need to get a print off of them all so I can see them myself. So if it antibodies can you feel ok sometimes then it all come back? X

I think so, although eventually it gets worse.

Lymphocytes attack your thyroid and antibodies fight off the invaders. That's why antibodies are elevated, they've been fighting. Things can calm down and the antibodies reduce but don't disappear.

Over time (years) the thyroid will be unable to function properly & thyroxine replacement will be required. However, the thyroid will sometimes sputter back into life and you may feel over replaced or more likely, your TSH will reflect over replacement. Some fool will then reduce your meds according to the TSH and soon your thyroid will decide to give up trying and go back to being useless until the next spurt of activity.

So now your TSH has risen because you are under medicated and you feel dreadful. Eventually thyroid will have shrunk and will be totally useless.

Hi, that's how I started.....try and take action now with diet and stress, get support from GP but have a look at what you eat and drink.... I have completely cut out wheat, cut down coffee and reduced alcohol (should cut it out really) take L-glutamine, aloe vera and probiotics for gut health, have acupuncture and massage once monthly........ was on 40mg of carb last Feb now only on 2.5mg and feeling well - even got new hair growth...x

Hi tilly83,

Thanks for your response.

I have been trying to combat stress and it does help, I've cut out coffee to just one cup a day and I eat a healthy diet anyway I can't eat anything with yeast or egg in it as I have food intolerance.

I defiantly think stress has a big part to play when my t4 goes up x

Check out LowFod Map diet and also Paleo as they can target immune response, I find them helpfuul and recipes easy x

Thank you x

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