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Feeling tired after illness - supplement suggestions?

Hello everyone,

I've been getting over some kind of spring bug for the past couple of weeks - nothing serious but feeling generally under the weather, sore throat, nausea, occasional headaches, occasion temperatures, all fairly standard stuff. It's a bug that seems to have done the rounds at work.

It's taken me a bit longer to get over than my colleagues - I'm Hashi's - (though I haven't taken any sick days) and though I think I'm getting there now I'm left feeling pretty washed out.

Are there any supplements anyone would suggest taking to help my body recover more quickly? I'm already taking pregnacare conception as hoping to start TTC in the next few months (TSH currently 2.05 at last check 4 weeks ago, slight increase in dose of levo to try to bring this down further first) and that contains B12 and folic acid.

I usually also take a vitamin C tablet everyday. I was going to also add some Echinacea but when I looked at the packet it said it wasn't suitable for people with autoimmune diseases?

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If you eat a healthy and balanced diet you shouldn't need extra supplements to help you recover, just give yourself time.


I started a cold recently and felt concerned as last year when a cold started I went right down, in panic mode I supplemented with olive leaf extract which is an immune support, I was pleasantly surprised to find my cold only last about three days. Have a look on Ebay or Amazon.

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