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Desperate Hyperthyroidism


In 2013, I was diagnosed and treated successfully for Graves’ disease. I was off the Carbazole for 2years approximately. In September 2015, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, treated with radical surgery, followed by chemotherapy. I was given the all clear for cancer only to have the Graves’ disease return also a toxic goitre in 2016. I started on Carbazole 20mg again however, experienced severe stomach pain and my CA 125 has started to increase. The endocrinologist has reduced the Carbazole dose to 5 mgs. Although a pelvic CT scan has returned no abnormalities, I am still having stomach pain. I wake up sweating with extreme anxiety akin to a feeling of terror.

I feel I am struggling until my next thyroid blood results to ascertain whether my symptoms are the thyroid or anxiety.

1.) I would like to hear from anyone who opted for the Radioactive Iodine solution for his or her hyperthyroidism and his or her experience. In Australia the treatment is via a fixed dose of Radioactive Iodine to knock out the thyroid rather than a calculated dose.

2.) Do any health professionals respond to this forum

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Welcome to the forum, Marjade.

I'm sorry you're having such health problems. Remission is permanent in less than 50% of Graves patients. You will get a mix of opinions on whether or not to have RAI. Some are very pleased but others have regretted it. If you type "RAI" into the Search function you'll find hundreds of posts on the subject.

If you aren't able to tolerate Carbimazole ask whether your doctor will prescribe Propylthiouracil (PTU) which is a second line anti-thyroid drug used when patients are pregnant or intolerant to Carbimazole. If you can't tolerate either you should seriously consider RAI.

10. People Posting and/or answering on the site should not be assumed to be health professionals.

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thanks for the suggestion i would prefer to leave RAI as a last resort .


I had RAI in Canberra. Really wish I hadn't. I've been hypo for almost 10yrs and have struggled constantly with my level being all over the place.

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Marjade I'm so sorry you've had serious health issues and here you are trying to decide whether

Or not to dispose of your thyroid by RAI ... I can only tell you that for me ( I'm Not a health professional ) it was a no Brainer

... I only had to look at my family to know what I was going to do ..

My Grandmother , Mother, two sisters, cousins and several nieces all have / have had this damned disease and all have become HYPO now with varying awful resulting situations !!

THAT of course , does Not mean to say .. You will have those !

But please, for your own healths sake learn more on here and use Google to search for answers too

Many people on here will give you their history and advice .. take it all in then make a serious decision based on their experiences and your knowledge gained.

I decided that my Thyroid had been loyal to me all my life and that it was my Auto immune system that was attacking it and making it go nuts .. and therefore it was my Immune system that I decided to deal with..

YOur symptoms of anxiety are Classic HYPER symptoms .. I had very many awful symptoms and thought that I'd rather die than live like that .. I was very low indeed I became very ill very quickly

anyway I gathered advice about supplements ... not Mumbo Jumbo ... but only natural supplements , things that my body had lost because I was running at a hundred miles an hour ... just like a car with no petroleum, water or oil etc ..

Once I'd gone from 20mg of Carbimazole Down to 5mg I started to take these vitamins and minerals Every day and very soon I was back on the road to being my old self....

i now feel very good indeed ...

I am Euthyroid i.e. .. normal and the chances are ...

you can get there too by taking this route . I actually enjoyed feeling better as each day and week went by .

I look at my poor sisters and relatives and wish to God I'd known enough to help them at the time they were first diagnosed ....they could have made my decision . But too late !

Their lives are blighted by poor medical care and neglect from their doctors ..

The best of luck Luvvie ..

Luv mx🌹


Hi Madge

thank you for sharing your experience - at times i thought i was going crazy . i hope that my levels are returning to normal so i can take the natural route . Did you cut out coffee?


you see ! .... you're not alone

well, i don't take coffe ..... maybe one decaf a month .

but i drink around 10 cups of tea a day !

didn't feel i needed to stop the tea ☕️

the Carbimazole did its work and brought my Graves antibodies down slowly but surely .. and as it did i felt better quite quickly.. but don't forget this thyroid hormone is rushing in yiur body and it is slow to get it to leave the body... so it lingers and you must have a degree of patience

... but don't worry it will be leaving ..

you haven't asked what the supplements are ?

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B12 ... for energy and nervous system for the tingling in feet and hands MUST be sublingual N U nutrition ....Amazon

B1 Solgar is a good one Amazon

B Complex ( all Bs should be taken together ) Amazon

D3 google it .......also for head sweats

Selenium has a fascinating effect on thyroid Natures

Natures Way at Amazon

Magnesium google magnesium deficiency to see how drastic effects

can be .... take a good one .... Magnesium. Glycinate

Zinc and Copper

Vitamin C High dose

ACIDOPHILUS I take .... 40 billion per day its worth it ........

80% of our Immune system is in our GUT ...

Milk Thistle whilst taking Carbimazole for Liver renewal

google them all in connection with Thyroid and see how they work ... but work they do... as i and many others know only TOO well.

Luv Mx🌹


oh also K2 to be taken with D3



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