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Coming off eltroxin

Hi all i am almost certain my eltroxin is so bad for me. And this morning i stopped taking it and had the best day i had in ages.

Im wondering if i can take kelp tablets .

Im on a range of things digest support aa i have hoshimoto. Been thru hell .

Doc changed me to euthyrox. Was worse i went back to eltroxin.

And have al the side affects. Hair was falling out so terribly i was in tears.

I started eltroxin after my second baby.

And im 55 now and 3 years ago was diagnosed with hoshimoto and put onto a paleo diet.

Got terrible ill with a flue. And went downhill from there. Lost muscle and weight gained ab fat. High cortisol adrenal insufficiency. Im now on ashwanga root.

Vit d. I do organic food no grains no dairy wheat soy. I juice every day drink only water herbal teas and ground coffee

Use raw honey.

I started medicinal cannibis last year and was fine. But went off it. I went back onto 2 drops a day and in one day i am feeling beter then the last 5 months.

I was suicidal i pray this oil is a miracle. I wil take half eltroxin tomoro and see how i feel. Iv spoken to my doc and am waiting his reply. I wanted to try armour but not sure if its available in south Africa. But idealy is like to come off it im on a .50 dose. And yes i d9 believe itd messed up my health. I shud never have used this synthetics drug which has so many horrible side affects. How can the medical community produce stuff like this killing u softly and making people into zombies as thats what i feel like no libido.crying makes me feel worse when its supposed to heal u. . also ive read Isabella wentz with her battle with hoshimoto ans thyroid. As far as i know she is stil on thyroid replacement.not sure which one exactly

Im also going to try mannatek ambratose products. To restore my nutrient deficiencies which eltroxin is responsible for and yes i pray to Allah.for guidance. The quran talks about black seed oil being a cure for everything except death and studies havw been done for hoshimoto patients. Some people have hoshimoto but doc tells them ita thyroid. Al i cam say is that most doc dont help u. And u need to find your own cures. I love these forums as they give me hope

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Stopping meds is not a good thing and would be better if stayed with it but get some bloods done. Then post your results and ask for comments. It could be that your dose isn't correct and your doctor may not realise this.

Have you had other things tested as well like Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin? They help your general health but also help your thyroid to work better.

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Hi there thanks 4 your response. No i havnt had those tests done.

Im unemployed for the last 8 months since i crashed and im.waiting to be reffered to hospital for testing.

And ive written down all these suggestions.

Thank u so much


It's a well-known phenomena that when people stop their levo, they feel great for a little while. Nobody knows why, but you read it over and over again. Unfortunately, that doesn't last. Sooner or later, you hypos symptoms are going to come creeping - or rushing - back as your TSH rises, and your levels of thyroid hormone drop.

It's not realistic to blame all your problems on your synthetic thyroxine. After all, millions of people do very well on it. The problem is is your doctor. How long have you been on 50 mcg? That is just a starter dose, and your doctor should have tested you after six weeks and increased your dose by 25 mcg - it's very rare that 50 mcg is enough for anybody - and he should have repeated that process until your symptoms have all gone, and you feel well.

He should also have checked to see if you were converting that thyroxine (T4) into the active hormone, T3, by testing your FT4 and FT3 and comparing them? Did he do that? Do you convert well? If not, T4 only is not right for you. But, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he hadn't done that, because doctors are so ignorant about thyroid.

It is not a good idea to take iodine in any form. Firstly because you have Hashi's, and it can make the Hashi's symptoms a hell of a lot worse. Secondly, you have Hashi's, so your hypo is not due to iodine deficiency, and you should never take iodine if you don't need it. It can cause so many problems.

Thyroxine is not a drug, it is a hormone. And, it won't have messed up your health in any way. Your symptoms are not side-effects of synthetic thyroxine they are symptoms of badly treated hypothyroidism. Certainly eltoxine is not responsible for your nutritional deficiencies, your low thyroid is. But, you would be best getting those tested, and just taking the supplements you need. Excess of anything is never a good idea.

But, the main things is, you have Hashimoto's disease. Therefore your hypo is going to get worse, not better. You need some sort of thyroid hormone replacement, and you need the correct amount - nothing is going to help you if you don't take enough of it. But no form of supplement or diet is going to replace hormones. You need to take the hormones.

There is no treatment or cure for Hashi's. But, there are things you can do for yourself. For a start, you need your TSH at zero - which you won't have if you're not taking the hormones. And, you can take selenium to reduce antibodies. Are you certain you are 100% gluten-free? Gluten tends to creep in everywhere. Always read the labels.

Black seed oil is very good, but it cannot replace hormones, nor can it repair a damage thyroid. And I doubt it can affect the antibodies (until proof to the contrary). So, by all means use the oil, but, please, please go back onto the hormone, and follow the protocol. :)


Hi this is very informative i have been on the same dose for 20 years..

3 years ago was finaly diagnosed for hoshimoto.

This same doc put me onto paleo.

He recently put me on 75mg of euthyrox.

I never felt worse.

In fact it was horrific. I went back to Eltroxin but stil not feeling normal by any means.

I cannot work.or have a normal life.

I was fine up until nov last year i contracted a virus in cairo a flue virus. I ended up in hospital. They checked my thyroid did not mention any thing that i needed more thyroid hormone.

I have suddenly aged in the last two months. I cannot believe the person looking at me in the mirror.

Im waiting for my doc to refer me to hospital for reading isobela wentz and following her protocol.

I haven't been tested in the tests u mentioned.

I don't feel im being taken seriously and havnt tge energy to take charge.

I have various supplements at home.

Selenium but only started recently my doc never mentioned to me i shud be on selenium or vit b12. Zinc

And only said i shud take vit a and d. Pro biotics and when my hair fell out iron. But have not been tested.

I took half my dose plus im on cannabis oil.

Im waiting to be tested to see how much eltroxin i need or if an less synthetic meds wil be better for me

My progesterone is low also.

Thank you for all your advice.

I really appreciate it.

Im taking off this time to try to heal. God willing.

I honestly feel very hopless most if the time and guilty for wasting al this precious time lying on my bed not living or contributing.ita also affecting my sons. Im a single parent and never had support. I think i just burnt out.


It's not surprising you feel burnt out, but there is a way back.

Keeping you for so long on a starter dose was negligent of your doctor. Somehow, you have to take charge and start telling them what you want. Doctors know next to nothing about thyroid. I have never seen a doctor that didn't make my condition worse in one way or another. Which is why I no-longer see doctors, I treat myself. They just don't know what they're doing.

There is no blood test that can tell you what sort of thyroid hormone replacement you need. You can only find out by trying it, seeing how you react to it. So, if you think you would be better on NDT, and you can get it, then try it. But the problem remains the same : you need to take enough of it. And, so far, you have never been on enough of anything.

When you get the results back, do post them here, with the ranges, and let us advise you. I'm sure someone on here will be able to help. :)


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