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Just a quick question about my prescription I'm about to collect.

I have been on 150mg of Eltroxin and have had it increased to 175mg. I went to Boots and spoke to the pharmacist first about is the Eltroxin in 25mg strength (I seem to recall reading that it's not (on the forum) he said they don't stock eltroxin anyway just the generic. My query is if it's not must I switch it all to the generic or ask for the 100mg and 50mg in Eltroxin and the 25mg in the generic.

Might I get a reaction to the generic as I have been on the Eltroxin for years?

Hopefully it will only be for a short while as I have ordered some NDT Yipeeeeee

Thank You


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MercuryPharma generic are the exact same tablets as the Eltroxin branded tablets. However, Eltroxin branded tablets are in short supply at the moment (see here thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/news.h... ) so ask for all your tablets to be the MercuryPharma generic.

As they are the same tablets, you should not get any reaction if you stick with MercuryPharma generic.

Thanks for posting that RedApple :) I thought they had been totally discontinued. I'll have to keep my eyes open for news of when they are back.

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Thanks for the info.and very much appreciated as always


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OK brain fog is/was active :(

I got it wrong my meds were for as long as I can remember Actavis.

anyway I asked the pharmacist for all Mercury pharm as I thought that my current brand didn't do a 25mg strength. He said he didn't stock Eltroxin and he couldnt give me all mercury pharm!!! I asked him why and his confusing answer was he only gets what the wholesaler sends him. I said I found that hard to believe and I was concerned that they wouldn't all have the same formulation. I asked him how he couldn't specify Mercury pharm on the order and he said he couldn't do that they send him what they have got.

I used to work for a pharmaceutical distributor in South Africa and the pharmacy ordered and got what HE wanted.

Any advice as that was my 2nd pharmacy I'd been to and eventually just said go ahead with the script. I now have 100mg,50mg in Actavis and the 25mg in Wockhardt is that OK?

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The way pharmacies work in SA is not going to be the same as it is here in the UK where we have our medication on NHS prescription. Medical care works differently in other countries, and the pharmacies will work differently in accordance with the health care system.

So yes, to some extent what your pharmacist told you is correct, in that they can't always guarantee to have the make of medication that you might request. The only way round that is to take your prescription to different pharmacies until you find one that can supply what you want. Independent pharmacies often hold different stocks than the large chain pharmacies.

Actavis don't do a 25mcg tablet dose, so your only options for the 25mcg are Wockhardt and MercuryPharma. We don't often hear about people reacting badly to Wockhardt, so fingers crossed all will be fine for you :)

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If at some point you do decide that the Wockhardt is not suiting you, you could consider splitting a 50mcg Actavis tablet, and take half each day. Or even take this 50mcg tablet on alternate days (i.e. 150mcg one day and 200mcg the next). Some people do seem to get away with alternate day dosing, although it doesn't suit everyone. You would need your GP to change the prescription to accommodate this though.

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>I asked him why and his confusing answer was he only gets what the wholesaler sends him.

Independent pharmacies tend to have more control over which product they order. Some of the large pharmacy chains only allow the ordering of specific products from specific suppliers.

I am now on MercuryPharma which replaced Goldshield and something seems wrong. I was not great but getting by, now I feel all over the place..pains in bones, head racing, neck throbbing and a few more symptoms? Drs' say it cannot be tablets but I am not so sure. I wonder if any one else has reacted to the change to anhydrous levothyroxine?

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Has your GP checked your thyroid levels since you noticed a problem? It could be that you actually need a dose change.

MercuryPharma tablets are the same as the Goldshield tablets. It is only the company name that changed, not the medication itself.

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I can confirm this as I have looked at the leaflets I have from both Eltroxin and Mercury Pharma and ingredients are exactly the same.My prescription is now becoming solely Mercury Pharma and so far so good.

After the day I had yesterday it needs to be!!

Car broke down on way to blood test but husband rescued me and got me to Hosp on time.Car now in for new lock and key( It had all jammed) so had to get roadside recovery....very good.

Now today drove husband to hospital in his car for 8.00am for correcting of irregular heartbeat,phoned garage for an update on car thankfully not ready 'til Thursday as I wouldn't be able to get there.

Now am back home after shopping enjoying a cuppa and reading all your morning's reports,so am thinking Thyroid is not doing too bad.

Hope you are all having a good day.....can't wait to get the call to collect my husband and bring him home X

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Hi, the product has not changed at all, just the box. Anhydrous levothyroxine sodium is the active ingredient, as it always has been.

My local Boots orders Eltroxin brand specifically for me. They have a note on their system to make sure I always get the right brand. Another branch of Boots 200m down the road said the same as your pharmacist, so I think this is just down to the individual pharmacist and whether they want to make the extra effort for you. If they are willing to your GP can specify the brand on your prescription and then the pharmacist can only give you that brand.

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