B12 - weight loss?

After a very high B12 reading 5 months ago I decided to stop supplementing for a little while, and haven't actually started again. I started T3 (alongside my T4) in November and while certain things have improved I am having great difficulty losing weight. I have just been nosing around on Thyroid websites and was surprised to read that some people find B12 helps with weight loss.

Has anyone got any thoughts on that please? My T3 is now at the top of the range, I have a good diet etc so am struggling to decide what to do next as I am desperate to lose some weight.

Thanks :-)

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  • My FT3 is almost at the top of the range too and I haven't lost any weight. I presume I must be at a weight I'm meant to be but I'd be happy to shake off half a stone, more than that and my face goes thin and drawn. Apparently my BMI is higher than it should be.

    I've not heard about B12 helping with weight loss. My B12 is about 1100 and I take a maintenance dose about 4 days a week.

  • I'm definitely not at the weight I'm meant to be :-( I'm just wondering if it's a coincidence that since I've stopped B12 I can't lose weight.

  • Hi I supplement B12 as well as B complex and my last B12 reading was 900 but I still haven't lost weight. My thyroid levels are not what they should be though. Because my TSH had reached 7.29 and doctors still said "normal" I have been taking NDT for 4 months and feel worse. Ive struggled to get diagnosed for the last 29 years. Everything gets blamed on my weight or depression so getting more reluctant to go to gp now.

  • I posted once about not being able to lose weight since having started B12 injections 😊 There were others too.

    We are all so different ...

  • That's not what I wanted to hear Marz!!

  • What if your inability to lose weight now that you are on B12 shots, was due to water retention? We know that high doses of B12 lead to low potassium, and low potassium causes water retention...

  • Yes you are right about potassium - I do have a Banana after my jab ! - but could still be low ....

  • You could indeed! Could be that a one off banana isn't enough - it's only about 3/4 of our daily needs, I believe. What about the next day, and the next? And, I've read that our potassium needs have been woefully under-estimated - like most things!

    I know that when my potassium is low, I swell up like a balloon!

  • I am fortunate enough not to suffer swelling or puffiness. I used to before diagnosis. I do eat loads of potassium rich foods - so hopefully I absorb something !

  • I'm on T3 only and haven't lost weight. However, in the six months leading up to my diagnosis of Pernicious anaemia I did lose a stone. Once on the b12 injections the weight loss stopped and I gained half of the weight back again.

  • Try the Harcombe diet. I posted on here after trying it a few weeks back and the results have been amazing, lost 6lbs in the first 5 days alone! So exciting to finally see the scales moving in the right direction after a long time not being able to shift a pound.

    I borrowed the book from the library it's called The Harcombe 3-Step Plan by Zoe Harcombe and would highly recommend giving it a try, have been telling all my friends about it. Good luck!

  • Thanks Syd. I've considered the Harcombe diet before but haven't heard of the 3 step plan...I will have a google I think!

  • What's your vitamin D level like?

    Are you gluten free?

    What about vitamin B complex

    Tried selenium or zinc or vitamin A ?


  • Hi SlowDragon, my vit D is OK and I've been GF for over 4 years. I take a good quality B complex, zinc and was until recently, taking vit A but I have Carotenemia and it was making it worse so I am resting it for a while. I don't take Selenium supps but normally have a few Brazil nuts most days.

    I thought T3 was going to be the magic key to weight loss but it's not happening :-(

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