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Very Low Thyroid

Good Afternoon

I have just have a new blood test, and the doctor says I have very lower thyroid, it has been low, but not as low are this, the doctor says I am not the highest medication for this, so I do not know were to go now?. Please if anyone has had this, please can you let me know what happened,

Thank you reading this.

Best Wishes

Allan W

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madallan69 If you post your thyroid test results, with reference ranges, and say what medication you're on, members will be in a better position to comment :)


Do you have a copy of your results? Because it's rather hard to know exactly what you're talking about without them. :) If you haven't got them, do go and ask for a copy, and get into the habit of always asking for pne, whenever you have a blood test. You need to keep your own records.

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Hi - please start your own post rather than latch on to someone else's. It is only good manners and is much more likely to be seen and responded to. If you don't know how to, go to the photos at the top of this page and click the green button on the right. xx


And please give the ranges in you new post. The results on their own mean nothing.


what are ranges


If you ask your surgery for a print out of your test results (if you are in the UK you are legally entitled to them) then they will come with a reference range and look something like this -

Test name: Result (Range)

TSH: 2.5 (0.20-4.20)

FT4: 15 (12-22)

The ranges are in brackets or at the side of the result, maybe in another column, it just depends how they are arranged on the print out.

Members can only help if you give as much information as possible. So we need the test result, the reference range (they vary from lab to lab so there is no universal range, it's important to have your range), what thyroid medication and dose you​ take, and any other information you can give.


My reply was in response to the post by madallan69

If you want to start your own thread, as Startagaingirl has mentioned, members will comment specifically on your own questions.


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