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I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 18 months ago. I have gained nearly 2 1/2 stone in that time and am desperate to lose it. I'm finally feeling better in myself with current levothyroxine dose of 100mcg, but still get fatigued very quickly so trying to manage an exercise regime is nearly impossible. I'm looking for any tips, help, guidance or even supplements that will give my metabolism a kick up the backside so I can lose some weight. I eat healthy with a mostly gluten free diet. Thank you in advance.

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  • The only thing that's going to give your metabolism a 'kick up the backside', is getting your T3 optimised. And I doubt that is going to happen on 100 mcg levo.

    So, forget dieting and exercise plans - they will only make things worse - and cultivate some patience. Everything to do with hormones takes time - you didn't become hypo over-night. You'd were probably hypo a long time before your symptoms took you to the doctor. So, you're not going to get better and lose weight over-night, either.

    There's absolutely not point on being on a 'mostly gluten-free' diet. It's all or nothing, I'm afraid. But, do make sure you get enough fat. You need it to make hormones. :)

  • what is your free t3 since that is the active metabolism hormone

  • My endocrinologist, in her wisdom!, has never checked my free T3. She says it's not important!! I know, this is what I have to work with, uphill struggle.

  • Looks like it's time to educate your doctor or find another one!!!

  • don't feel dr checks it but then ignores it....bec my tsh is below 1 yet my ft3 ft4 are low normal.....she says that when that happens.....then I am lacking in something throwing off my thyroid...iron, zinc, too much cortisol which causes weight issues up or down, she wont raise my ndt because I did test positive for above normal cortisol two times a day but not terrible above normal....and she said if she increased the would burn out my adrenals farther so.... I also have gained over the years but never realized the cortisol connection until my I started having hair loss.

    she told me sleep 8-10 hours a a night a MUST...take holy basil or a herbal remedy to help with cortisol, relax, eat whole foods and avoid all sugar,take vitamin c 1-2000 a day, b12, complex , zinc, etc....and or a thyroid support formula...and fish oil and flax seed oil.....she also is a big fan of maca go products . They support natural hormone levels, adrenals, thyroid, etc

    taking the saliva 4x aday test can show I you have cortisol issues...

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