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Weight loss - hurray!

After following a tip on one of your blogs about Slimming World eating plan helping us fellow hypothyroidism sufferers to lose weight, I decided to give it a go. And - wonders will never cease - I've lost half a stone!! Agreed, it's taken me 7 weeks to do it with an average loss of only 1lb per week, but after being told my an endo that I would find it difficult to lose any of my pre-diagnosis weight, I'm really pleased. So, perhaps this will be a help to others, who, like me, were in desperation at trying to lose weight.

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Well done maggie............ I also attend SW and follow the extra easy plan..

Its a great feeling isnt it getting those achievment awards ?? :)

Keep going Maggie, i sincerely wish you well



I've just got back from my Slimming World class.... I'm a target member and have been since July.... I honestly think it is the ONLY thing that I am in control of at the moment.

Well done to both maggiet and kim and to anyone else who is on the same healthy eating plan..... and to anyone who is thinking about joining - please give it a try and you too could be in control of at least one thing in your life .....


well done both of you x


Well done, have never tried the slimming world thing, did do the weight watchers prior to my diagnosis and was a gold member. My GP doesn't seem to think I will lose much, if any weight now, and sometimes I feel I agree with her as exercise is a real plod these days and I am always hungry.


Thats fantastic. well done.

Best wishes

Angie x


Hi Reikimaster,

I wouldnt like to offer any advice on your medical problems, have enough trouble getting my head around my own, i would however like to pass comment on Sw ......and the excercise

I follow the extra easy plan , and i also go to the gym 3/4 times per wk .

My 'advice' to you would be to maybe slow down a tad....... excercise releases happy chemicals that are supposed to make you feel good not exhausted ......... and we must remember to replace some of what we have lost in the gym , and that dont mean a bar of dairy milk on the way home !!! lol

I find a bananna usually does the trick for me

maybe speak to your consultant at SW , it maybe possible that because of the amount of excercise you do you may need to up, your healthy

A and B choices on the plan?

I hope this may be of some help to you

be well



I have been doing Slimming World Extra Easy too, in two weeks I have lost 5lbs and 5.5 inches :-)

As I am seeing results I am going to stick to it :-)


Well done Janey - it's a healthy diet that's for sure. I tried the Dukan diet but I felt so ill I had to stop after four days!


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