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I have recently had results of a saliva adrenal profile, which shows my morning cortisol is too high, then it falls into range for the rest of the day.

I started taking phosphatidyl serine 2 weeks ago, but after researching a little more last week, I decided to buy Seriphos, as it is apparently more effective than PS.

All the advice on when to take and how much to take has me a little confused though! It seems most people suffer with high cortisol at night and so take their seriphos at night to help them sleep.

I was taking PS at 5am so it kicked in for the morning high, should I continue to do so with the Seriphos?

Also the bottle says to take 1 tablet a day, but I have read so many reviews etc where people take more than that?

Does anyone have any experience with Seriphos?

Many thanks

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I've taken Seriphos.

I'm assuming you've had a 4-part saliva test based on your comments. You should be taking Seriphos about an hour before each high reading, although if you've got 4 high readings I think 4 pills/capsules might be too much.

I would suggest starting on 1 a day, then if you have more than one high cortisol reading then you could add another pill after a week, but only if you are tolerating it well.

Lots of people take lots of Seriphos. Is this a good idea? I don't know. I took a maximum of 3 per day when I was severely ill with non-thyroid health problems and I didn't tolerate it very well at all. I haven't taken it for several years now.

I still have high cortisol symptoms, but I'm managing them with Holy Basil supplements just now, and it works very well for me. But some people get nothing from it at all, or they don't tolerate it.

Some links that might be of interest :

Be aware that Seriphos has mucked about with their formulation in recent years. Make sure you get the right one, rather than old stock.

Seriphos was originally phosphorylated serine.

It was changed to phosphatidyl serine.

Following lots of furious complaints they are now producing it as phosphorylated serine again, and this is the one you need to buy.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes it was the four part saliva test that I had.

I also have the original formula of seriphos.

I also take holy basil. I have 2 of them last thing at night. Maybe I should just stick to them?

I have read so many different recommendations for taking seriohos, some saying they do t tolerate it, others saying if they don't take enough they get anxiety etc, then others say it worked brilliantly! I guess it's down to the individual isn't it. I'll stick with my morning pill and see how I go.

I desperately want to reduce my morning high as I really want to make the switch from levo/T3 to NDT


I definitely think you should continue experimenting with the Seriphos, and you should take it when you need it, whatever time of day that is.

Which Holy Basil product are you taking?

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I take Swanson 😊


This one?

The link is to the one I take. The full, official dose is 2 capsules, twice a day. I have actually taken as many as 8 a day, but then dropped quickly back to 6 i.e. 2 capsules three times a day. I feel better on it and I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I will take an extra dose of 2 capsules (to make a total of 6) only if I feel I need it during the afternoon.

Having said that, I'm not taking Seriphos at the same time. If you don't find the Seriphos helpful after a fair trial you could always increase your dose of Holy Basil if you tolerate it well.

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Yes I take 2 holy basil a day in the evening just before bed. How long do you think I should give seriphos a go for? A month maybe?


From this link I gave earlier :

there was this quote :

Caution: Do not take Seriphos for more than three months total. Take a break for at least 24 hours after each month's use (as per bottle directions).

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I horsed around with PS and Seriphos while I had adrenal problems (high nighttime cortisol, insomnia). Got no results. Turned out I had low total blood protein, treatable with free essential amino acids. My adrenals obviously wanted more aminos; they quieted down.

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Eddie, I take seriphos at 5am for my high morning cortisol. I've only been taking it a few days and I'm going to have to stop it. It is knocking me out! I'll have to revert back to PS I think although I'm not keen as it contains soy. Either that or just stick to holy basil. 😊


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