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Hashis and high cortisol

Still feeling really poorly. Had been taking holy basil for my high daytime cortisol levels, the morning reading being mega high.

They dont appear to be working for me. Did buy some swanson 100mg soy free sunflower PS but havent tried it yet cus of trialling the HB.

Dont know what to do, feel so ill most of the day until my levels drop in the evening.

What can i do to help myself, feeling desperate and alone. Losing the will to go on again :(

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Hi Jefner I know exactly how you feel, but for slightly different reasons. I too have Hashi's and feel wretched a lot of the time -- including right now! I think we have to take things one step at a time. I have had blood tests done privately and have started vit B and iron tabs because of people's advice on here. Others will advise you better than me. Maybe the holy basil takes longer to kick in??Maybe it is time to ditch that and try the Swanson?? Maybe you should see an endocrinologist or a functional medicine Dr. Don't give up. There are things we can try. It is a pain but please keep going.

I feel very alone too but we are not alone. People on this website do really care.

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Already seen a private endo who ran lots of tests inc mri and body scan and numerous urine tests for cortisol. He just said it was stress related. He didnt recommend anything for my high cortisol :( so i fired him.

Have been a member here for a while and tried all recommendations. I feel like hell today too as i have done every day for the last 9 months, including suicidal which i feel is the only option for me soon. I cant live like this, am now housebound cus of the agoraphobia/anxiety.

I dont get many responses from most of the regs now, think they are just sick of me. I am sick of me!!

What nasty symptoms do you get and how do you try to help yourself? I live on my own which makes things worse


I live on my own too which is hard sometimes -- but sometimes it is lovely !!!

Right now I ache all over, feel like I have been run over by a 10 ton truck, I am really dizzy and am finding it quite hard to walk. I am permanently exhausted and struggle to get in to work. Just about managing to keep my job but can't really do anything else. I am grumpy and short tempered, very tearful and generally angry with the world. My legs are swollen, I have terrible headaches, tinnitus, hay fever and eczema. Just occasionally I have a day or a few days where I don't feel too bad but they are few and far between. I never feel good. I am reading or listening to everything I can at the moment to try and formulate a step by step plan. Starting with seeing my GP on Thursday to see if I can get a higher dose of Levo as recommended on here by Clutter. Going to try some mindfulness. Take vits b and some iron. Go gluten free. Then see where I am. Worth a try. The alternative is to give in - which I feel like too sometimes -- but there is something out there that will help. Just have to find the right thing.


Am feeling exactly the same as you today hunny, its awful isnt it trying to function when your body says **** off! I hate waking up each day because i know its just gonna be the same shit. Its virtually impossible to help yourself on the very bad days isnt it!

I cant work and am on benefits. I dont know how you even get to work, i would just collapse.

Magnesium, vit b complex and vitd should also be added.

How long have you been in the group and how long have u had hashis?


Had Hashi's for about 3 years but think I started getting some symptoms about 5/6 years at least before that , maybe longer. It changes all the time and impossible to pin down why. But try and stay strong. Maybe some counselling would help if it is stress related ? Just a thought.


I started therapy recently

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