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Hashimoto's depression paranoia Thyroid blood tests results. HELP!!!

Hello everyone,

I am on 75 levothyroxine for 3 months and for about 3 weeks I am feeling like not me. I am feeling depressed, tired but difficult sleeping, brain fog, "0" concentration, bad thoughts spinning arround my head. Sometimes I am 3 steps from committing suicide (it lasts for 5-10 minutes and it is gone). I am scared that I have mental problems but my lab results are BAD :

TSH: 0,9480 (0,2700-4,2000)

FT3: 2,10 (2,00-4,40)

FT4: 1,78 (0,93-1,70) H

I did also rT3 but still waiting for the results.

One Endo told me to quit LEVO for 6 weeks and other one told me to take half dose 37,5.

Help please I feel horrible and my life is not my life.


PS. I am sorry for language mistakes - English is not my mother tongue.

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Hi - I am sorry you are struggling. It is well. Known that hypothyroid can cause depression and mimic mental illness so hang on in there, it should certainly be improved if you get your thyroid balanced. At the minute you are under-medicated due to bad conversion from t4. Your ft4 is over top of range yet ft3 is at bottom. Have you had any tests for ferritin, folate, vit b12, vit d and anti-bodies? Less than optimum (fairly high) levels of any of these can reduce conversion. If these are all ok then what you need is some t3 medication - it is low levels of this that cause hypothyroid symptoms. I don't know if this is available in your country or not, an alternative would be some form of ndt ( armour, erfa etc.) as that also includes t3.

Good luck

Gillian xx


Thank You Gillian for your response.

My antibodies test results:

aTPO: 298 (0.00-34.00) H

aTG: 86,10 (0.00-115.00)

Iron O95: 98 (37-145)

Ferritin: 26.78 (13-150)

VIT b12: 356.7 (191-663)

VIT D3: 22 (30-100)


Hi - so there is plenty of room for improvement there and should help how you are feeling.

Your ant-bodies show that you are positive for Hashimotos auto-immune thyroiditis, a condition where your own immune system is mistakenly attacking your thyroid. That won't change how your doctor treats you, but there are measures you can take yourself. A gluten free diet helps many people, sometimes dairy and soy as well. 200/day of selenium as l-selenomethione has been proven to reduce anti-bodies and help conversion.

Your ferritin is way below optimum, 100-120 is best. If you can't get iron supplements from Doctor they get ferrous fumerate or sulphate and take 2 per day, separated and each with 1000 vit c to aid absorption and help possible digestive issues.

B12 - optimum is around 1000, so you need to up that. The usual supplement would be a couple of months of 5000 sublingual (dissolves under tongue) methylcobalamin, Solgar &Jarrow are good. Then reduce to 1000 as maintenance. You should also take a multi-b with this as they all need to be balanced.

Vit d - much too low, optimum is 100-130 ish. At that level you really should have loading doses of 10000iu/day for 2 months then shift onto 5000 every other day and re-test. With this it is important to take vit k2-mk7 to direct increased uptake of calcium to bones&teeth rather than soft tissue. Also need magnesium. There are several varieties of this, I don't have a link to explain, but a search of this site will give you links for all of this.

You don't give folate result but that is also likely to be low and will probably need addressed. Talk to dr.

Lots of threads about nutrients and the importance of splitting out some and timing relative to thyroid meds - I can't remember all rules and don't want to give wrong advice so please check threads out and pay attention to anything from administrators, SeasideSusie and Greygoose especially for reliability.

There is plenty of light on the horizon. Most of my figures were worse than yours just a few months ago and now, with excellent advice here, good supplements and commitment to changing diet, I am feeling 100 times better than I have for probably 20 years.

Good luck

Gillian xx


Thank you sooooo much.

Wish you good health.


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