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Osteoarthritis in 16 discs and hands checking me for rhematoid arthritis

I have been collecting all my blood works for 12 months now and every month these blood results are always out of range

Could I have rhematoid ..i hurt in every joint

Cold every few months it really walks me out

My chest is always inflamed and hurts my knees and arms lock

Please someone tell me I'm not going crazy

Serum sodium 1.39 mmol


Potassium 4.6mmol


Chloride 106mmol


Serum bicarbonate 25mmol


Serum creatinine 73mmol/L


Gfr calculated Abb 87mL/min/1.73"2

Serum calcium 2.39


Calcium adjusted 2.42


Serum bilirubin 6umol/L >21)

Serum alkaline phostaese 110iu/L


Serum Amniotransferase 54iu/L

(5-45) high range

Serum total 76g/L


Serum albumin 39g/L


Serum c reactive protein 9.8mg/L


5 blood test keep coming out of range high

I'm having an anti ccp test on the 28th March

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Can you check the sodium and bilirubin results and ranges. I think there may be some typos.

C reactive protein is a little high and indicates inflammation somewhere in the body.

GFR 87 indicates good kidney function.

High amniotransferase

Other results are within range.



My sodium level is 139mmol/L


My bilirubin level 6umol/L (<21)


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