How to take T3/T4 combo

I was prescribed a T3/T4 combo. back in April from the endo at the NHS hospital in Truro. He prescribed 50 mcg. T4 and 10 mcg. T3 twice a day.(100 T4 and 20 T3). My GP upped the dose in May to 20 mcg. T3 and 50 mcg. T4 twice a day. The T3 was to high so I dropped it back to 10 mcg. twice a day. But there has been a shortage during these months and so I haven't been able to get a routine going. I got a new prescription today of T3. (got plenty of T4 in hand.) The prescription reads 20 mcg. T3 twice a day. Silly man got it wrong again.

The question is :- How much should I take and how often? bearing in mind I have been without T3 and I am feeling under medicated. I was taken the T4 at night and mid morning,about twelve hours apart and well away from food. Now I have to add some T3,should I take it at the same time or mid way between the T4???

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  • T3 prescription from truro? I was told that via gp that this medication can not be accessible. Did you see Dr d b endo there? Xxx

  • Hi Merissa,I was to see Dr S C but as is normal he was on leave and I saw his sidekick a little foreign guy with a big chip on his shoulder called A R. but give him his dues on month later i got T3.from the hospital which was followed up by the GP. x

  • Hmmm , let's see how I get on, has the medication helped? Did you have conversion problems. Love to know who your endo was? Xx

  • Hi, you shouldn't need to split the T4 part of your dose, only the T3 part if you feel you need to (some people don't). I'm not a doctor but if I were you I'd start with the 10mcg twice a day that you felt comfortable with before and see how you feel after a week or so. If your GP has prescribed 20mcg x 2 per day then you have room to adjust either or eventually both doses a little if you find they're not working.

  • I am on a T4/T3 combo and take my T4 all in one go at night. However, my T3 was prescribed as 20mcg split into 2 doses but the GP wrote the prescription as 20mcg x 2 = 40mcg a day. I couldn't tolerate 20mcg in one day at first and ended up on just 10mcg once per day. Have now brought that up to 15mcg a day. I think I also have B12 and folate issues as the combo is not working as well as I had hoped although I do feel some improvement.

  • Thanks Jan,Are you sure you are not me? You seem to have the same prescription. I've just upped my T3 to 3x 10 mcg..It's early days but i hope it will work.x

  • Thanks Janericat,I shall start taking 100 mcg. T4 at night. I'm up to 30 mcg. T3 (3 doses.) durring the day. Hope it will work.x

  • Hello. Curious about doctors in Cornwall - I'm moving there in August and would really appreciate any input as to who to see (GP and endo). Can you message me with suggestions please? Thanks

  • What area??

  • Treswithian Downs

  • Sorry don't know the area,good luck.xx

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