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Hi. I am writting in sheer frustration. I have posted twice on hear since last week, and you were extremely helpful and informative, after looking at my blood results for me. I explained that my Dr said all results were "normal" or "borderline"....I am so positive it is B12 Deficiency and/or Pernicious Aneamia...All symptoms over the last 10yrs point to this, and just getting worse....The reason i have contacted you again is because after i saw Dr last week she was doing a referral to the Hospital, I could not remember who she said it was too. But i thought oh well if it helps me, all well and good. Yesterday I rang Surgery to see if referral has been done ( because i feel so ill ) Yes it has been sent to Rheumatologist !!!!......Why???? I do not have Arthritis or fibromyalgia!!!...Once again the Dr is not listening to me, the patient...I rang Surgery this morning to go and see her, armed with my results and advice from yourselves...Cannot get an appointment for a month with her, unbelievable...So i am going to see another Dr, have to wait a week!!...I just feel like many other people, that i am going round and round in circles. This has how it has been for 10yrs+.....

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  • Regrettably, welcome to the "GPs don't have a b****y clue" club.

  • Maypole66,

    If you want advice or information on B12 deficiency and PA pop over to healthunlocked.com/pasoc

  • Thankyou for replies...Clutter...I have read everything possible on this illnes..I also downloaded the book by...Martyn Hooper: What You Need To Know About Pernicious Anaemia & Vitamin B12 Deficiency.....Remarkable reading

  • Maypole66,

    Have you considered self-injecting B12?

  • I have not thought of this....Would not know how to go about doing this. knowing correct dosage, needles, how often to administer etc etc

  • The people on the PA forum linked by Clutter would be able to help you on that - sources, sizes of needles and syringes, videos you can watch with good instructions etc.

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