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Recommendation for a Endo?


I haven't posted in a while as I have been feeling okay however the last week or so, things have changed.

I've been diagnosed Hypo for a few months now - started on a low dose of Levo (25mg). Recently this has been increased to 50mg (I know that it's a small dose).

I have some questions - that I'm sure someone will be able to answer:

1. When changing from 25mg to 50mg, my brand of Levo was changed. I felt good on the lesser dose/different brand, but started to slow down again after I got used to it hence upping my dose. With the brand change, I didn't feel as good - difficult to describe but felt the brain fog was thicker initially.

Few weeks into this 2nd brand, brain fog was really, really bad. This is the thing I can't stand out of all my symptoms which include massive hair loss, dry skin, constipation... etc. etc.

A week later, the brain fog got slightly better, to be replaced by the 'constant song in my head', not sleeping as well through the night and slight anxiety. I'm presuming this was a Hashi thyroid dump?

My questions are:

1. Can the Levo brand change have so much impact?

2. What can I do for brain fog (I'm gluten free). I take Selenium, Magnesium and sometimes Zinc. By B12 and Folate came back okay, as did Ferritin (but could that have been the inflammation - how are you meant to pick that apart?).

3. Any recommendations for a good holistic Endo - based in the Bucks area? Can you PM me please.

4. I have wispy bits of hair that have grown where my beautiful hair once was! Has anyone managed to grow their hair again with optimum treatment? I've read on here that T3 helps, but I think my conversion looks fine, so I don't think? I need it.

Hope you can help

Thanks - as always

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Tell your pharmacist you feel less well on the changed brand and ask for the same brand you previously had.

Brain fog and hair growth should improve once you are optimally medicated.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.


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