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Blood test?

Help please

Diagnosed with both Graves and eye disease last year. Was on block and replace 30 mg carbimazole 25 mg levo. Stopped in January. With in a week of stopping had a very stressful week and a very public meltdown with heart palpitations, aniexty, and panic attack - bloods tested normal then.

Now eyes so sore, dry and constantly watering and in the last week feeling exhausted that doesn't even come close to how tired I am. Add insomnia and heart palpitations so should I get blood test, endocrinologist apt in April

Feel helpless and can't make up my mind why is it so hard to decide?

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Get bloods done at your GPs, if needs be they can start you on the meds again.


I would definitely go to gp tell them how bad you are feeling and get bloodtest done , what are they doing about your eyes? Are they referring you to specialist for thyroid eye desease, have you been given drops for your eyes to make them more comfortable. Have you had vitamins b12, ferritin, , folate and D checked as usually find we are low in these and can impact on your health, when you do bloodtest make sure earliest appointment possible before 9am and fasting just water,you get most accurate results then.


Yes am seeing the eye clinic now

Had Iv steroids last summer never again made me so ill

Eye drops only work for a short time so will see what they say

Thank you for your confirmation of what I was thinking

I feel like a hypocrite always worrying about my health so will get a test tomorrow xx


I know what you mean about feeling like a hypochondriac, but your good health is important and we shouldn't feel we can't get it sorted out.sounds like you had a bit of a bad time with eyes. I've had graves for 20yrs was on block and replace for 12yrs then had Rai, wouldn't recommend Rai especially as you have Ted it can make that worse. My eyes have just started to play up and have got appointment at hosp in April. One of the members on here suggested I take 200mcg of selenium to help with eye problems. Post your bloodtest results on here when you get them and people will give you advice, there are some very knowledgeable people on here and very supportive.hope all goes well

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I have graves and completed a 15 month course of carbimazole and got stopped last September as TSH has started to improve . Beginning of February I was re started on carbimazole as my endo thought that I was heading towards being hyperthyroid again . I too have next appointment in April and I know how you feel . I take it you are wondering how to proceed ? , as in rai or total thyroidectomy ? . I am going to ask if I can try one more course of carbimazole and see how I go . I know my endo wants me to have rai or tt next but I just don't feel ready for that yet . I hope you start feeling better soon .


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