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L-Glutamine and Hashimoto

Hello everyone,

I have recently came across a story of my friend's friend who had completely got off medications he was taking for Hashimoto.

He put himself on a gluten free diet, L-Glutamine and some other supplements. He says that the main ingredient that helped him was L-Glutamine.

Could you please share any information/experiences/observations about this supplement in Hashimoto cases.

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It helps to heal the gut 😊 google it and you will find loads of information .... or keep scrolling down - and down - for Related Posts - where you can read more about L-glutamine - if you are on a phone. If not the Related Posts are to the right of yours 😊😊


I've just bought a bag of it from MyProtein - much cheaper!

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dina7 how are you getting on with the MyProtein L-Glutamine?


I was doing okay on it. Felt as though I had 'a little clear out' to begin with, after that hard to know what's happening. But now seeing a different practitioner who has told me not to take any other supplements other than the ones he's recommending. Which is a bit of a relief as I was taking soooooo many!


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