Parathyroid problems

My GP just called with what seemed like confusingly reassuring results. I am 13 years no thyroid post cancer, have coped well on 200 levothyroxine until 2 years ago when experienced increasing deterioration and continual misdiagnosis not helped by moving Internationally so many different Drs.

All results from T3 to vitaminB12 and D all very good to optimal!

What was off is raised calcium in blood and a liver function test. Haven't drank alcohol for 6 months cos of brain fog but he said was only slightly so not a sign worry but to wait to see Endo for advice.

So of course googled and voila all my symptoms mapped out in detail including the more bizarre like chronic pain in legs!

It looks like I may have a tumour on my parathyroid glands! More throats surgery if it is but promise of symptom eradication?! Anyone been through this?

Thanks for all your support and the Endo I have approached just happens to be on the positive list so feeling reassured am in safe hands!

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  • Sarahpk,

    Is parathyroid hormone high?

  • There are other causes of high calcium so best not assume it's a parathyroid problem just yet. You will need further tests including parathyroid and you would need several done over some time to see if they remain elevated. Hyperparathyroidism can be difficult to diagnose and typically it can take months if not years to get it sorted.

    If hyperparathyroidism was diagnosed then surgery is an option but there is no guarantee all symptoms would be resolved, many people are left with ongoing problems.

  • My calcium levels were rising after I started Vit D and when I was actually over range though no one seemed worried I read on here you need to take K2 with Vitamin D though they say you mustn't take it if on blood thinners but it takes the calcium out of the blood where it can go to form gall or kidney stones and puts in in the teeth and bones so did that and my calcium levels fell so it does work. That may be your problem. The endo kept asking the lab to test my PTH but my other bloods did not raise concern so they didn't test.

  • It makes me so cross when idiots in labs, who've no contact with patients and no clinical history think they can second guess a doctor's expert opinion and fail to do tests.

  • Yes, had successful surgery to remove parathyroid tumour last year; like you terrible pains in legs. I have been hypothyroid for about 20 years, and on levo and t3 for the past 10 years. so at first some of the symptoms seemed to be similar to hypo, but did have high calcium and parathyroid blood tests, tumour confirmed by sestamibi scan and ultrasound.

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