Tummy fat

Whilst I haven't put on a lot of weight, 50 Kilos I have developed a plump middle , I mean plump.

I had always been rather straight down, this big middle is very unbecoming.LOL

Does anyone think It may be a sign that I need more thyroid hormone as this is new since TT.

Thanks for any thoughts

Or maybe someone can suggest a design of dress that would disguise it !

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  • It is a symptom of under-active Thyroid Gill. I started losing weight once on T3.

  • Confused.. Are you saying you weigh 50 kilos (110 lbs) or you've put on 50 kilos?

  • No,. I mean I weigh 50 kilos quite slim,but tummy fat is growing by the day . This is since TT

  • Hmmm... Strange. I hope someone else here has some advice for you. Could be you are undermedicated. Good to nip any weight fair in the bud.

    When was your TT?

  • February 2016 . I think you are right . Tackle it before it becomes an issue.

    Under medication, would seem a likely candidate . Umm, no easy , is it.

  • Oh me too! Since surgery. I thought it might be just my age (50-something). Interesting. I still believe I am under-medicated (but that's an issue for a separate discussion) so maybe that is part of it. I certainly can't lose weight like I used to, but the 'beer belly' look is a new one. (PS try NYDJ jeans, but buy them on ebay cos they're shockingly expensive new!! :) )

  • hear, hear

  • Thanks for the to re jeans

  • Oh they are expensive , are they good fit fio1331 if its worth it.

    I will try, shows how these hormones alter ones shape

  • Yes, for me I find them a good fit. But I did buy my first pair 2nd hand on ebay to try them out rather than pay full price straight off! (Be aware that as they're a US brand the sizes are different, though most ebay sellers make it clear. It's nice to be wearing a 14 with a label that says 10, though :) ) They pull in the worst of the bulges but are still quite comfy without feeling like you're wearing some kind of old-fashioned corset contraption! (Does amuse me, though, that their website says 'for real women with real curves' but still has some pretty willowly models!!)

  • I had this and would agree it comes with being under medicated my tummy was huge and worried me. Once I got on the correct dose it started to slim down slowly. Having 3 kids hasn't helped that situation either though x

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